Adventurer\Buccaneer PvE to PvP probability\idea

Not going to go into major detail about what I had in mind.

But to make use of adventurer or perhaps a new “set” altogether for PvP.

Successful hits on an enemy target allows for a chance% of gold to loot from them as to keep gold indicator going while attacking Elites\Players.

Call it “pillaging” if it were to come down to a skill or set effect name. I thought it’d do well with the buccaneer set considering it appreciates the theme of Pirating?
And how one could incorporate it with a few sets already out there which would require more skill-shots than lazyfarmantics.

I dunno. Just a thought.
Any takers?

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It’s interesting, that’s mean we can get more money bonus from PVP, ha.

Something like that. But more so to let’s say… Stack bonus damage or stack to a capped amount and once reached gain a ED or kinda CRT damage ?

Could function towards MS bonuses which in turn would affect some dmg, depending on what you’re focusing on. There is really so much more I could mention but those are some obvious targets.

I think Adventurer is a bad idea for Pvp build set affix. How can you activate Adventurer when there are no golds on arena ? And for the Buccaneer set affix can also be pretty good combined with Satyr Spirit set affix and a couples of 225% Gold find.

That’s why I said it would be a kewl idea to incorporate that gold drops from an enemy when hit and while they’re even still alive. It could be capped or just be by % chance and stack per rank respectively. So basically… Let’s pretend I’m Goku and I use Kamehameha (my MH skill) and hit you…a pile of gold drops near or around you within a certain AoE. It would be my objective to get close enough to loot it for the stack of whatever bonus it would give.

For example my Kamehameha that did a deadly strike of 17k fire DMG against you - just looted two gold piles (two stacks) and now my bonus us increased for a duration till I manage to loot another pile to maintain my stacks and increase them.

This could be widely used on a variety of sets and could generate massive differences between players and a players CC ability, opening a much broader perspective for sets and their capabilities and some’ unique diversity.

This is what I initially intended when I introduced the idea. I’ve played games in the very distant past that had similar concepts. Or, at least that’s what I think I remember. :joy:

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