Advice build for warrior pls xD

hi guys, read a lot of builds, etc. and somehow never found the advice for beginners - what to wear on stage, there is not a lot of crystals, etc.
Advise me a build for a beginner and easy farm for warrior, at the moment I go in this gear:
eternal axe (without the set, just random eternal axe)
legend totem (plagued set)
legend chest (druidic set)
legend helm (adventure set)
legend ring (set plagued)
legend amulet (satyr set)
for clear map im using totem + whirlwind
but I’m now at 370 floor and I am having problems with the survival (
Write that craft, that it is better to play as survival. And if you can give a link to good builds for pve farm

Troubles surviving…

This is an always reccuring question, but what is your block and or dodge?

It’s an easy way to greatly improve survivability

Improve stun,get more weaken,dodge,block, move speed, and you will by fine!

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Its better if you focus on making a full set farm/climbing gear. Your on a good floor for Eternalize/Crystalize set items, so better get that. To get better survival, cyan affixes are the best to go. So its hard to survive with just mix match gear you get from legendaries. But its not that bad, I had almost the same set up as you but with wizard class when I started. Reached flr 500 then decide to build my farm build.

There are ALOT of guides, you can simply get inspiration of what you want to build from them. But the main core is grinding :slight_smile:

True that

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forgot to tell you that I have a slot 2 character is at the farm to play 2 characters ?

I play 2 characters almost exclusively, be it farming… or, well… farming :slight_smile:

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