Advice needed - Early game build for hireling Rogue/Wiz

I’m a newbie struggling around floor 520 with Warrior as a main and Rogue as hireling which dies 10+ times a floor

I’ve been trying to search for proper early game build for PVE but end up with finding only late game builds which are unaffordable for me.

My current build of Warrior is crushing blow & poison with HP / Rogue is chakram and mirror image

Please recommend how can I adjust my build to farm properly or should I use Wiz instead ?

Thank you

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In your set up you need a high dps build for hireling to effectively farm on floors 500+ or hike on higher floors. Most high dps builds you’ll find are really costly in terms of ultra rare crystals (obsidian,amethyt,ruby) so I recommend to focus first on making farming gears for lower floors to get these cryatals. To increase crystal drop equip crystaline set on your gear. Ascending your toons is also important to get useful perks like fotunate, treasured, and dealer perk. Converting eternal and crystal gear drops have a chance to give ultra rare crystals so equiping eternalized set is very helpful too. In my experience, I relied on converting eternal and crystal gear drops because ultra rare crystals are just too rare to drop so i stayed on floors 200-300 to farm those eternal and crystal gear drops. For more infos on farming builds you can research them here in forum. When you start to accumulate these crystals you can slowly make the build you like. :+1:

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Thank you so much, Alkahest. I have one more question about luck status.

I found in some threads that actual luck rate is an average luck between main and hireling, isn’t it ?

Or it purely depends on luck of main character.

Thank you.

Yes that’s right. Luck% is averaged between main and hireling. This link might also help Mechanics behind total effective luck, gold, and item drop % and this Step by Step guide to maxing farming stats

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I have been running with a Hireling lately, and my Hireling likes to get in trouble. it’s like my Hireling has no fear of monster mobs, or breakables that could kill him. right now my Hireling has Sanctuary and 30% Dodge, but I am Ascending him on floor 110. on higher floors (500-800), his rate of death goes up. when I do a proper Main/Hireling Farm Build, Hireling is going to have 60% Dodge and 45% Block (what my Main has) and Sanctuary (because the A.I. setting doesn’t always keep my Hireling out of trouble).
to be honest, I don’t know whether my Hireling is Fearless or a Fool.


Thank you, Golem. I will build more block and dodge on my main and hireling.

I just wonder about crafting epiphany set for my Warrior. I still can’t reach 1,000. Is the best way for crafting it is crafting wizard gear and add set affix with crystal and convert it to Warrior’s class item.

If you’re talking about 1012% cap Luck, always remember to put epiphany set on both your main and hireling. Otherwise if you’re on solo, epiphany works as intended to get 1012% cap luck.

Sorry. My mistake.

I’m only on 500+ flr and unable to obtain any Epiphany items from drops. But I’m planning to craft Mythic item with Epiphany affix. So I have to craft them instead, but I’m not sure what is the most cost-efficient way between

  1. Crafting Wizard legendary item, transform it to Mythic item, use crystal to randomly add set affix until getting Epiphany, and then convert it to Warrior class item.
  2. Crafting Warrior legendary item, transform it to Mythic item, use crystal to randomly add set affix until getting Epiphany which is I’m not sure that it is obtainable or not.

Wait! Epiphany affix cant be rolled through amethyst. It can only be obtained through loot. Its also a wizard class exclusive set so its best to use wizard to farm for it. It can be found past floor 600.
You can also recraft them in the codex if you already found one through loot. Or use dust to unlock it though i wouldnt advice because its costly.


Thank you so much ! Now I got it. May be I have to make major change to my build for unlocking Epiphany set.

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since you are in the early game, you probably don’t have much Dust, and Dust requires lots of Gold to get. if you really need Epiphany, and are having trouble getting to floor 600+, then use Gold and Luck to convert Legend items to enough Dust to unlock and then buy the Epiphany item you need.
Legend Items give 1-5 Dust, depending on the items level, and it costs 5k Gold per Dust you get from the Legend item, so 5k - 25k gold. Crystal and Eternal items give more Dust, but it is still 5k per Dust.

In yourwarrior you can try taunt+frozen+crushing flames build. you can find crushing flames at floor 250+ there are lots of that build here in forum you can search for it