Advice on my farming bow rogue please :)

So this is it so far, been using it for as long as I have been playing which has been quite a while with a few adjustments here and there but nothing big. My luck and gold find is more or less maxed and I can clear 500 m3 very easily and very fast.
Does anyone have ideas on how I can go much further then 500 while still farming effectively etc etc? I want to maintain using my bow or even change to another one with there is a better idea.

Also I like the idea of using daggers as I have 3 eternal betrayals with all crystal affixes which I would like to maybe even use?
My idea of playing/farming is lazy primary attack which my current bow build is doing quite well at lol but would like to raise the bar on that one. Thanks for taking your time with this nonsense :smiley:

Remove hp affixes get dodge and block affixes.

Yea @deathGG is right. But if you consider farming on higher floors like 1000 above, u should try equipping ur charc with crushing flames, frozen, epiphany, crystalline, eternalized, adventurer together with taunt skill.

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Great example

Having higher dodge etc makes sense since hp is more or less useless, what about damage? Do I have too much ED? Should I throw a crystal affix into head? Should I have a mythic skill in the chest?
How would I go with crushing flames and taunt etc? Please a bit more detail thanks

Should I also use different crystal affix instead of resource cost? And the affix push the limit work on primary skills? I just don’t know lol

Affixes like push the limit, barbarian and glasscannon boosts your dmage whether it is primary or secondary. For now you can remove all ed+ in to set affixes like (frozen, crsuhing flames, demonic, electrcution). These affixes give boost to your dmage and helps u clear floors quick and efficiently. You can put skilled/brutal mythic in ur chest since u have high attack speed and uses primary skill as your kit. Put also fury resource mythic in exchange for resource affix and mp on hit. Also use stealth as your special oh skill for ur survivability. Keep crit dmge, attack speed and luck(crystal affix). You can put crushing blow and crit chnce(crystal affix) as an addition to ur gear.

If u want to farm on 3k floor and above, u should disregard health since u will only be one shotted by mobs no matter how high ur hp,armor and resist u have. So u should invest on dodge,block, ms speed(clearing floors fast). Combined with farming affixes like luck,gold find,item drop rate and set affixes like crystalline and eternalized.

I mentioned taunt because thats the skill i use. I only have one char in each of my device (tablet and phone). So in order for me to maximize farming on higher floors, i disregarded dmge boosting affxes and replace it with farming affixes and rely on crushing flames and frozen. I am using taunt(ice element) + skill (fire) as my strategy in farming on higher floors.

Well farming on 1k floor and above is useless as u can obtain high tier crystal starting from 500. And u can now craft itemst that are found on 1k flr and above. So its up to u. :wink:

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I disregard health even at floor 200 farming and floor 500 or floor 1000 and floor hiking in general. Dodge is just too good and block or smokebomb/stealth .

Then pure DPS or farming with DPS.

Yep that is a very good point.

Taunt is good against elite enemies because of the pull stun effect. I noticed that paralyzing is not reliable to elites even you have high atkspd

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: have more of a better idea now with what too aim for but you mentioned removing the ED for other set skillls? I’m already using sets though :s and why use fury sorry? It only increases special skill damage and not primary since primary is pretty much all I’m using, keeping it simple lol il probably go for frozen and keep everything as ice damage. Do you mean remove one of my ED for frozen set? In regards to the resource cost affix where replacing it with fury doesn’t make sense, any other suggestions? Maybe is there something better to use then defiant?
I think more or less after this help il be redoing a lot of my equipment after I finishing maxing my ascension :slight_smile: almost finished, 1 more to go

Instead of using 2 mp on hit affixes and crystal resource cost, better use fury resource mythic. By then you’ll have two extra affix slot to be used. Either epic or another set affix. Frozen is a good choice. If you remove all 5000ed affixes, you’ll have lots of space to put set affixes like demonic or pathfinder, even permafrost is ok. 5000ed is only good at MH and OH weapons. U can remove defiant and replace it with another set affix

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: I understand now why you suggest fury, how much dodge/block should I be trying to achieve in your opinion?
What do you mean by 5000ed is only good for main and offhand weapons? Wouldn’t the ed on any equipment contribute to overall damage primary skill damage?

One cyan affix dodge and block is enough. And i was supposed to say 5000+ wep dmge not ed+ my bad. But still replace all ur ed+ in exchange for some valuable affixes like (+10 skill, multi attack, crit chance, elem crit dmge, 100% exe dmge or even +10 mutilate or relentless).

Block and dodge is good at catching meteor with matching molten fury troops inside, I always die :smile: