Aethereal drain and druidic cobination

So lately i’ve found that the green garden build is really good for farming…but i have a question that confuse me alot that Aethereal drain shut of mana regen…is that mean that if druidic in the same build then the Ae Drain gonna made druidic less effective?

…and i’m talking about the running man build…if so what would be changed to maximize the effect of druidic and also still secure the mana pool since this build need lots of mana to spam sprint and skills…
Thanks for reading and because i’m new here so i’ll really thankful for any information. :smile:

Deym thats my Build. :joy:

When I made that build I was just like a baby in this game. (That was last year.)

Team Up Druidic with Plagued for high DoT DMG and Cosmic Power to increase your Mana Regen .

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For farming I guess you must use:

Eternalized x2

(I use this build right now and I can farm 800 to 1.3m per Run and can stand till floor 1.2k must have Killer Hireling (Rogue or Wizard) )

But if you want hiking till the heighest floor:

Dual Element (Best for Rogue)

Cosmic Power

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yes, since your last reply in my pet things thread i’ve found that you’re extremely helpful with variety of build… so you’re on my watchlist since then lol…keep up the good work my man, your guide and build help newbies like me alot, and also help us enjoy this game even more…thanks for that :smiley:

Thanks. You must also try my Summoner Build. Fun Farm Build. :joy:

Once you equip Aether Drain, your MP Regen = 0.

I would say yes: It makes druidic less effective, but not in the sense it direct affects druidic effect, but in the sense you won’t notice any boost on MP Regen, since it’s 0.

It’s not so smart idea getting aether drain on GG build, since you can get both effects of this set affix using individual affixes with no MP Regen penalties, which is crucial for druidic bonus.