Aetherial Drain

  1. Does it rollable with an Amethyst crystal? And

  2. Does it works with an Alchemy Mythic?

2.Yes(not sure) because if i got a mana orb it also give me hp(alchemy) but when i do elem crit with (aetherial drain) which give mp every elem crit my hp doest add up. But some expert may have a better explanations to it.


for 2, if your MP is lower than your HP, then Aetherial Drain would only raise MP when using Alchemy. if your HP is lower, it should raise HP instead.

it could be that AD only raises MP on Alchemy Builds, but that might need to be tested. I’ve only started using Alchemy a little bit myself.

Aetherial Drain is the MP version of Vampiric Touch, so it would be interesting to see if VT has the same problem/results.


I try it for a PvP Mr. Golem but it removes the mana regeneration

but Aetherial Drain can still work with Alchemy. you just can’t use Mana Regen.

I wonder if this cancels out Desperation Mythic.

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It works on MP on hit, and if there’s no hits on enemy there’s no regeneration on hit