Affix caps

Is there caps on gold find, luck, and item drops? I have a farm build that I want to make sure of with the right amount of these affixes without having too much of them.

Luck & Gold Find is +650%. Item Drop is +200%. Fortunate Perk gives +200% Luck & Gold Find over Cap, for +850% each (with +5 yard Pick Up Radius). Epiphany Set (5) can raise Luck & Gold Find Cap to +812%, +1012% with Fortunate Perk, and Item Drop to +250%. if you are using a Farm Team, you get a +100% Item Drop over Cap, and I believe that the Item Drop on Equipment is averaged between the Team members then add the +100% Team bonus.

my current solo farm build has Luck & Gold Find at +850% with Item Drop at +100% with Epiphany (5). when I get a Green Treasure Shrine and/or White Item Drop Shrine, I get the improved +1012% & +250% (I have the Enshrined Perk).

when you are farming difficulty levels lower than M3, check the amount of Luck & Gold Find you get so you can make up for it on your Equipment.

Thanks man, btw im doing great on my account. I got the fortunate perk as soon as I reached my first acsention, and as well as that I have two nadroji items. I have been using your advice and again, it really helps.

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I did my build like that because I wanted to use the space for other affixes. I think every other player just maxes out Luck & Gold Find with Item Drop so they get the most Loot Drops on every Map. my thinking was also that I didn’t want to waste those Shrines by only having them Spawn Shrine Guardians with the Hunter Perk. with Enshrined Perk, I get either the Green or White Shrine 1 in 3 Maps, and both 1 in 6 Maps on average.

when I make a Farm Team, I’ll use the same Farm Build concept as my Solo Farm Build. the biggest change is the +100% over cap Item Drop, so some more Loot.

I read a lot of the Posts & Threads, which gave me a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. now that I think about it, I was using a Farm Build without Epiphany for awhile before I came up with the Build I’m using now that has Epiphany.