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List of the Affixes

Please explain what damage (elemental/weapon) and what kind of power cause the mythic affixes in MH and OH:
Cyclone - ?
Bombard - ?
CosmicOrb – 100% MH (this is evident from the dictionary)
RockBlast – elemental?
Earthquake - ?
Arc - ?
Apocalypse - ?
And Enigma (OH) - ?

Yeah I read in that Theorycrafting thread that the Cyclone mythic is basically the same as the Whirlwind skill, but at a skill level of 40. Made me wonder if the other mythics are just beefed-up versions of existing skills.

The full list:
Cyclone - 3
Bombard - 2.5
CosmicOrb - 3
RockBlast - 2
Earthquake - 3
Arc - 3.5
Apocalypse - 3
Vanish - 1
Nova - 2.5
Enigma - 2.5

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It is not clear what those numbers mean. And what type of damage (elemental or weapon)

They are working exactly like Proc. This means Mainhand Weapon DMG.

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Thank you very much

What do those numbers mean? Does a 3 correspond to 300% damage or something?

Yes. :slight_smile:

I dont get it.

The latter is true.

Is there any way we could update the wiki affixes page with the latest sets and reworkings of affixes?

I remember trying but I couldn’t even do it even though it was most needed at the time (back in 2.3). More contributers do help after all if they are trusted.

I tried contributing but it says it’s locked by the admin/s of the page :thinking::upside_down_face: @Refia

Same here.

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Can we roll shock effect max?