Im trying to get myself a really good eternal and was wondering how can i find out how high of a percentage can an affix go for each affix in the game?

If you wear an epiphany set item then you take every affix to the limit. Sadly you have to go floor mythic 3 1000 to find one.

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Oh i know that but i meant like what the max % of a certain affix on a weapon? Sorry im trying to make sense of this but i wanna craft a weapon and wanna try to get all the stats high as possible on the weapon so how would i know whats the highest of that affix stat i can roll?

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It double than the epic ( orange ) and legend ( red ) affixes if your equipment is eternal

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Alright awesome thanks for the help!!!

most players use Epic Affixes, then Legend, Crystal, and Mythic, and also Myth Stones.

if you take a look at the Dungeon Quest Wiki, it shows the Min/Max values of all Affixes. some of the entries are out of date, but most of them are good.

the Normal or Yellow affixes are all lower than the Epic or Orange ones, and most players use Epic as soon as they realize they are better than the Normal ones.

for Max Epic values: +10% (Dodge), +15% (Attack Speed), +20% (ED%), +25% (extra HP), +40% (MP Reduce), +75% (Luck), +100% (WD%), +250 (All Resist), +400 (Ice Resist), +2500 (Armor), +5000 (WD+), +10 (Talent or Skill). there might be others I didn’t remember. any of these on Eternal Items would be doubled.

Legend versions of above affixes tend to be doubled, except for ED%. you go from +20% to +100%. +50% (Glasscannon), +200% (WD%), +30% (Elemental Crit), +100% (Blistering) +2 (All Sets), +3 (All Skills), +5 (Talent Tree, Ranger). these are doubled on Eternal items.

there are 20 Crystal Affixes, and all of them except for HP on Hit and MP on Hit (these are doubled) are tripled. +30% (Dodge), +45% (Attack Speed), +75% (extra MP), +225% (Luck), +750 (All Resist). these are not doubled on Eternal items.

Edit: item level affects the values of affixes. the closer your items are to being level 1, the closer your affixes will be to minimum values. the closer your items levels are to 100, the closer they will be to maximum values.

low Item Quality % makes it harder to get higher Affix values, higher Item Quality makes it easier to get higher Affix values.

when trying to improve Affix values on Legend items, they usually wont go below 75% of the max value. any non Legend Item, when rolling for better values, even with +25% Item Quality, will get rolls from between the minimum to maximum values, just with better chances for them to be the higher values.

thx @olkyora for the reminder.

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use lvl 99 character to get max percentage of affixes that you want on floor 200