After a PvP win I sometimes get "Connection Timed Out" msg - does the win still get counted or do I get a loss?

Does anyone know if the win still counts or does it count against me?

I pretty much always have a bad internet connection on my device so I get this message all the time when I connect DQ to the internet on my phone. I’m just wondering if it causes a win to actually equal a loss for me in PvP

It will cause a loss since it will make the game think you disconnected from the match.

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Wowwww no wonder I keep getting sent back to mythic even after multiple wins. Well this is absolutely terrible news for me.


I agree there are many things not right with the pvp.

Just won 9 matches in a row, checked leaderboards, it gave me -20 points :x

For an offline game DQ is pretty unforgiving to people without a perfect internet connection. And who knows if this is something that will ever get changed for the better. And when. =(

Have you used mobile data yet? The arena hardly ever uses much mobile data in megabytes for an average session. DQ hardly ever used mobile data in general nowadays. I have 500 MB limit but the arena only really uses 3MB or 5 MB a day. This piece of info might be very useful and how much mobile data do you have as limit. 300MB limit? 500MB? 1GB? Something?