After updating to Patch 2.3.5 I now have black borders

I got black borders from the update. Seems like the resolution is smaller than the screen. I have a ipod touch 5th gen with the current ios 9.3.5. hopefully this can get fix it’s really annoying playing with the black borders their.

GROSS! I remember this issue from way back in the day…and now its back.

Will check it out and get a patch subbed asap. Thanks for the heads up and sorry about this issue.

Awesome Thank you :slight_smile:

We submitted and update for this last night. Apple has been extremely fast with their approvals as of late so fingers crossed it goes live this weekend.

As a side question, does your ipod touch lag really badly? I was testing this out yesterday and ran into an issue using an ipod touch 5th gen and got crazy lag.

I put the game in “low fx” mode from the options screen and when I played the next level everything was fine.

Just curious.

Thanks for playing!!

The patch should be live now.

Had the same issue. Updated just now and it’s fixed. Thank you :smile:

Sure thing, sorry about missing this when I submitted the update!

-closing this topic-