Aftermath affix

Can you get aftermath through amethyst?

Yes, just make sure you’re doing it with a wizard char/items

Is it rare chance to get it though cause I’ve rolled quite a bit on my wiz and haven’t got it yet haha :smile:

Have you seen the crystal crafting restrictions guide: Crystal Crafting Restrictions

Yeah I saw it but someone on the search said you couldn’t get it through amethyst that’s why I asked you guys but I ended up rolling it so thanks guys:)

Ok I’m sorry about closing thread. I am normally a nice person but I ended up closing the thread when theres no need. Even my “sixth sense” felt there was something wrong if I press close but I ended up not listening to it. Karma strike me back.

Good thing you got the advice that aftermath can be rolled by amethyst. Good luck in your dq adventures

Yeah that’s no problem I appreciate the reply back and thank you again :smile: