AI and Manashield Survival Mode


Hireling follower
Survival mode needs to be tweaked for
Manashield on AI-users:
, activate at %mana
, take mana potions too

To put it in a nutshell, use mana stuff instead of health recovery emergency.

Background; I’m using a wizard hireling with guess… Manashield.

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I never understood what survival mode was

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I don’t understand either :exploding_head:

when your HP goes under the threshold you set, the A.I. will try to get away or do whatever it can to survive until the HP goes over the threshold you have set and go back to attacking.

survival mode can be useless with some builds, like a 1 HP Glasscannon Build, or high floors where we get a one shot death for our efforts. but even then, you want to do the setting the right way, or your Hireling wont be very effective.