AI bug with Skull Shield

Hi Developers,

Thanks a lot for a very good game but I am having a very annoying bug which happen to my Farming Build using Skull Shield build.

The problem is no matter how I configure the AI setting the Skull Shield which get summonned get stucked like “Skull Draga” behavior.

I tried to make workaround which replace “Skull Draga” by Shatter which another skill but it does not work either. Here are some image. This bug specially happen in Pack Side map. As you can see in these images the Skull Shield are Stick to the ground but not stick to my Hireling wizard.

The problem is my current build make the main characters only has Farming Affixes which the Rogue can not create any Damage so if these Skull Shield does not work as expected then the build is almost broken :frowning:

@tdaniel would it be possible to have a button which says “Trigger all skills from Hireling” ? This would fix any AI bugs which related to DPS build in Hireling when the Main is almost useless in farming.

So the issue is that the hireling is dropping the Skull Turret instead of the rotating skulls, correct?

yes the issue is the Skull Shield got dropped so the hireling just stick to the main without Skull Shields around it.