Ai Control Bot Health

Hi Developers Can add more hp to the Ai bots?(because i kill 2-3 hits lol)
so we can see what character does. Thanks

If you head over to Battle Arena and play on the “practice mode” the AI will have unlimited HP. It is a fast way to try out your builds. (as of the latest patch this feature is in the game)

that bot on AI control mode sir put some unlimited HP and some dmg i think

there is 3 mode on practice:

normal: normal
dummy: Unli Hp but we are the on whos controlling our character
AI control: this mode let us see’s what our AI’s moves but the bot is too weak to stand longer, 1,2 or hits die.

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Yes in AI control, bot is weak 1 or 2 hits die very fast … next update can add more hp to bot and we can see more moves and attacks!