AI help

How much yards i put on a Archer with bow and Mirror?
Please someone help :pray:
I am maining a warrior

I myself am not good at this part of PVP, but if no one answers, you could try different combinations in the Test PVP Arena until you get what you want. you get to see how your AI selections will respond without messing up your Arena Score while testing.

even if itโ€™s for PVE, you can still get an idea of how the AI selections will work without having to battle hordes of monsters and getting frustrated.

for PVE, I usually play a few maps to see how the AI is working on the Hireling and then make adjustments later and hope Iโ€™m going in the right direction.

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Its for pve, some tips?

Guideshot has a range of 30 yards I think, so put it at 25 or higher. if you have a way of increasing itโ€™s projectile speed (like when using Timewarp) it will have an even longer range.

Multishot is in a fan shaped AoE that I think has a range of around 12 yards, so put that at 10-12.

for example, Timewarp 10 increases Projectile Speed +25%, so Guideshot would have a range of about 37 yards, or the arrow would travel about 37 yards before disappearing.

ok, Iโ€™m looking at the Heroic Tab for Guideshot, and it has a Spell Duration of +1% per Rank. Guideshot 20 would give 20% more spell duration, so range would be about 36 yards, I think.

I would do tests on a lower floor map so you can see how things are working without having to worry about dying all the time. if you go to a floor to low for your tests, just go up 10 floors at a time until you hit the sweet spot for testing.

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