AI setting range

What ai range setting i should make for my main wizard (gauntlet and skull) and hireling (warrior with axe + hatchet and rogue with chakram + bomb)?

You want to cast skull as soon as possible so skullshield should be cast at once (if you have the proc for skullshield in your talent tree then this isn’t as important). Twister should be cast as often as possible at enemy just before you can visualise them. Say at 30 yards). You want your wizard to be evasive offline so set the ai so that you opponent approaches you and into an ambush. You hireling should be more aggressive and seek the opponent so your wizard can sneak up on the enemy when playing live as your hireling is engaged in combat

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With warrior and rogue hireling you need a rapid approach towards enemies with ranged attacks or you will get slaughtered. Try enigma offhand