AI Settings BIG BUG


I dunno if my AI Settings is wrong BUT I tried it for hours and my conclusion is there is something different about AI.

Ok I tried to use Aftermath Set in Arena usually if you use 1 Aftermath you will get 75% chance of combo effect (Shatter + Meteor) 1 + (2 set) = 3 so there is a reason the AI will do nothing IF the Aftermath effect is not kick in. BUT I tried to use 2 Aftermath so it will become 100% chance for combo effect (Meteor + Shatter ) 2 + (2 Set) = 4 but still AI do a REST (its like waiting some Skill Cooldown)

Please try it Sir’s, Guy’s


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Both Shatter and Aftermath also have APS and a corresponding attack time. If CD < 1/APS, the latter will determine your maximum attack speed.

What I mean is when you watch the AI that have Aftermath (4) + Enigma in Arena for first 5 to 7 secs it do rage blinks (Shatter and Enigma) after that he just do nothing (if didnt setup the use of OH primary skill ) or just use OH primary skill till (I guess AI is wating for Meteor or Shatter cooldowns have finished) so he can blink (Shatter skill) again.

Aftermath Set (2 parts + 2 Set+ in Arena) have 100% chance to reduce cooldown of Meteor and Shatter respectively.

My concern is why after 5 to 7 secs it just stop from blinking and blinking ragely (Shatter + Meteor Combo ) :neutral_face: but Enigma doesnt stop at all.

I’m currently using the Aftermath build and I just tested it and mine seems to be fine when I use shatter.

Maybe your Harry is on drugs.

The come-down will do that to ya’

I guess mine just got some drugs. :sweat_smile:

usa 2 aftermath + 1 hunger

Yes I already use 2 but still it stops for some reasons?

That’s been a glitch for ages, just use something like a gauntlet and set the primary to be the most common attack, then meteor/shatter to be the next most used, basically if you make the ai go too fast it will just crash… Aftermath needs to set the cool down to 0.1 not 0.0 otherwise weird stuff like that happens… If you test and perfect your build you can avoid using the trick I just gave…

Also I say gauntlet because it has a natural slow attack speed (long attack animation)

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Oooooohhh… I use Wand > Spear :sweat_smile:

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Or: Don’t use Aftermath :grin: it is inconvenient to play and apparently doesn’t work good with the AI either :worried:

Thanks Sir. I guess you slap me in the face to wake up hahaha.

I want to use it in PvP because nowadays there are too many same builds : Battle Mage, Alchemy and I don’t like to see it anymore :disappointed_relieved:

I guess Spellsword is only good at Low Division Leagues…

what’s your resource system?

Unfortunately you are right, there are only BM tanks and a certain type of Rogue in the arena now.

But going to get better the next patch, trust me :wink:!

Aftermath is not viable in the arena, I’m sorry. It is really really hard to get into Div1 right now, I think entry MMR is rank 5 MMR atm… But if you’re looking for some general fun in eternal you can try a Summoner, a ManaShield-Wiz (like @Mandelbrot posted some time ago) or a Discordance Twister/Archer (GuidedShot) or a ThrowSword/ScatterShot build.

Very hard to build something new for Div1. I recently made a build that dealt 600k Bleeds on dummy but it was hardly working in Div1 - I ended up scratching it.

I want to copy your 2.3 Spellsword Enigma Warrior and I use BloodMagic. I conclude that using BloodMagic waste a lot of HP when doing combos if I use Fury or Energy Im get wreck if I use Equivalence Im get killed easily because of low HP

As I use this build in PvP Im at Eternal Div 3. I can kill some tanks Warrior and Wizards without draws (Meteor + Edit: Shatter + Toss). My problem is Bleed kills me faster than my combo because my HP drains faster :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I use BM Warrior before and I stayed at Etern Div 1 for 2 days. I got bored when Im Eternal Div 1 there’s so much many many Frustrated Build that lots of my time wasted thats why I went Eternal Div 3 again. :joy:

And I made this Spellsword Build to make new unbelievable meta. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I also made Scattershot Rogue build that can deal 30k crit in one shot and I can kill your Immortal Build in one shot but my problem is when Im offline, my AI is liked a dummy waiting to die. :laughing:

Yup aftermath isn’t viable in arena. I learnt that the hard way after my aftermath discordance idea failed but that was also when Discordance procs existed too. Even if it did work, it didn’t work effectively and it was short lived. Although I could have added HP and damage reduction but the way it deals damage just isn’t too good for arena anymore.

I also learnt that the hard way in season 2 as I was getting nowhere near eternal league with the aftermath build so I had to change build but I stopped PvP for a while.

Reason being that the tanky people need 100s of hits to finally go down so high hit frequency and it is easy to be interrupted from movement and get hit alot. It’s just not that good anymore in arena but I do agree with the boring same setups everybody uses.

Even having the highest ever DMG possible, you still.need lots of hits for many tanky players and especially the frustration builds that are virtually immortal.

But if you do use aftermath, Aftermath + Terrashaper+ CV . Some HP from Plagued and Fauns Gift. Some AR and Resists . 6-7Ă— ED. Definitely cosmic orb . Find a way to dish out many damage from movements . Hunger and reduced CD and some procs. Maybe wait until the meta changes or something.

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Yes, yes. Arena nowadays are full of copycats. There are only few who use their own build.

Every patch Arena becomes hard… 3.0 is the hardest for me. Eternal Div 1 is full of Immortals who doesnt want to gave their position.

Thats why I decide to create new build of mine to have some fun but in the end I just waste too many crystals because still I couldnt make it to enjoy Arena like before.:grin:


Yeah that’s true. What I find is that my experimental builds that are unique to meta actually work well, especially with wider DQ knowledge.

A bit late with this response to everyone else’s I haven’t read … But bleed DMG doesn’t work against the immortals as it is. So regardless of the unfortunate situation you were in, you were destined to fail with that. :no_mouth:

I learned the hard way too. LoL! :joy: