AI settings help/questions/suggestions

I was playing with my AI setting and I can’t seem to get my pirate build char to behave at all like I want him to.

I assume that the only way to see how the AI is behaving is doing a 2v2 match and watching how your toon acts???

I pretty much want him to stand still whenever the enemy is in range. I set the distance to run away on max, but he still charges in. Is it possible that he’s acting like that because I use some non-pirate talents (like Razored)? Anyway it seems like a setting for “don’t move when enemy is in range, only spam attack” would be pretty simple.

At the moment it really seems like the melee/close range AI is FAR better than the ranged.

He will only run in if any of your range values are set lower than 65 yards and the priority is higher than “never”.

Can you list your skill choices and the what you chose for their Range and Priority values?

think you gave me the clue I needed. I had scatter shot priority set too high, after turning it down I stopped charging in.