AI test in battle arena

Is there anyway we can scale the AI test dummy up? Not the test dummy we can check out DPs on but the one where we can check our AI characters actions. The NPC toon you have dies in a second and I can’t tune my AI because of this. Is there anyway you can make a slider so we can adjust the power and HP of the toon? So we can check things like HP survival mode and some of our survival skills .


I second that request :+1:t2:


Agreed! the idea has been pushed in the tester chat a couple of times one day we shall bug the devs enough :pray:


I really think being able to control the power and HP would eventually give much more competitive gameplay. Being able to see a full length match and examining how our characters react and to control the spell yardage for higher efficiency. The AI seems to have a mind of its own sometimes and it’s a curse or a blessing. Anyone that has ever set sprint to max knows what I mean. The NPC dummy we have now is just dying too fast to get any real use from the awesomeness that is the AI testing match. Because don’t get me wrong I love the test match. It has allowed me to improve in a lot of places and to be honest kept me from quitting PvP all together. I hated getting far in the league to comeback and be pushed back down because my AI settings were wrong. Now that’s not as much of an issue. But all rambling aside, just for the sake of discovering new ways to build in sync with AI, please add this option. Or at the very least crank it up a few notches for us

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