Alchemy and Immortal build

Just recently i have finished making an immortal build for my rogue. I tried the build out of curiosity to see how it works in pvp and its @Mr_Scooty 's build guide that i used to make it. When i tested it in arena my hp goes down relatively quick and i found out it is on Alchemy and the mp absorb. As we know it Alchemy chips out the highest of hp/mp (i first thought its hp/mp % lol) when lossing hp/mp and fills up the lowest when gaining. When i use skills i’m using my hp as resource first. Mp absorb starts to kick in when my toon receives dmg but it will only starts filling hp the moment hp goes below mp (which is low btw). In this case, should the amount of mp be close enough with hp so mp absorb works as intended? Or i might just have missed something important? Thanks you for the answers! :grin:

MP absorb becomes both HP and MP absorb plus the effect of alchemy makes it require higher round for others to kill it.

Yes, basically MP aborb will also become HP absorb only when hp value drops below mp value. As stated in Alchemy definition ‘…increases the lowest of hp/mp when recovering’.

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