Alchemy mythic bug


So before the patch 2.2 in patch 2.1 if i remember correctly, the mythic item alchemy restores the mp/hp depending on which is highest. But when for example you had 100k hp and 50k mp it was restoring both equally till they both got to 50k. Then the rest went into hp becouse mp was full. Now with patch 2.2, if you have 2x set affix glass cannon and alchemy mythic. You cant restore mana pool becouse everything will go into hp pool. For example you have 1 hp and 50000 mp. Monsters hit you or you use some skills and the mp goes down. You hit back the monsters with mp on hit or something else with regeneration and you dont gain mp anymore becouse every regeneration goes into hp becouse its lower than current mp. Shouldnt the mythic work with pool% for current values like before the patch (i think it worked that way) and not work like now for the exact number values? Dont know for sure if this is a bug or i was wrong before, but i would like to know the answer how this mythic is supposed to work becouse the description isnt the best (for dmg buff and reduction also),

Hey Msiiek! Thanks for the report. Noted :slight_smile:

First, sorry for gettin this from the grave but i have more detailed report :slight_smile:

Alchemy works as it should but it should take into account your hp pool after Glasscannon affix is applied not before. This leads to replenishing already full hp becouse game thinks its not full becouse of Glasscannon.

More depth with numbers example:

Max HP: 50
Current HP: 50

Max MP 100
Current MP: 60

Hp on Hit: 10

You hit a monster and you recover 10 hp. But becouse your hp is full, alchemy mythic will recover 10 mp instead of hp. Now you add Glasscannon affix.

Max HP: 25
Current HP: 25

Max MP 100
Current MP: 60

Hp on Hit: 10

Hp is lowered by half. You hit a monster and you recover 10 hp. Becouse your hp pool is full 10 hp should be converted into 10 mp gain. But it is not. You have 60/100 mp and 25/25 hp and your regeneration goes now to hp instead of mp. Reason? Becouse of Glasscannon. Game thinks you have still 25/50 hp = 50% hp and your mp is 60/100 = 60% mp. So Alchemy regenerates your hp becouse its % is lower than mp. Alchemy doesnt take into account you have Glasscannon affix.

I hope everything is clear. It wasn’t easy to get how this works but i think that shouldn’t work they way it is now.

I cannot reproduce this. Even with Glass Cannon and Barbarian, Alchemy is recovering the lowest current %. Please double check this once 2.3 comes out.

I have no problem to reproduce it with my rogue, I’ll post a video with items later today. Maybe it’s how I think it is but it don’t work 100% as it should.

Please show all of your equipment including pet. Thanks.


After trying this again it looks like any mp regen didn’t work, but hp regen did.

Thanks for the video.

Alchemy is now not working at all if you hp/mp isn’t equal (not in % values).

Alchemy is now recovering lowest current hp/mp not current% hp/mp.

But I think it may have been changed to work like that.

It has always been like this and is intended. What you witnessed before was HP Heals bypassing the check and always healed you regardless of your HP/MP value.

The original goal was to make it work well with Equality. But I agree that it is not a very strong Resource Mythic atm. With the change to HP affix value, non Equivalance builds are greatly weakened. I love the idea of making Equality builds more viable so I hope Alchemy and more things that rely on HP/MP equality gets a boost.

At least right now if you have MP equal or greater than HP, you will never be oneshotted using Alchemy.