Alchemy mythic VS. Fury mythic in BARRAGE BUILD


i just want to know why barrage build using alchemy instead fury?
dis-advantage and advantage help me to clarify this question in my mind thanks!!!


You, real person player, will die before you can cast useful barrage attack in PvP. You must build up MP before you can cast Timewarp (OH special) which will drain ~half your MP (most will have lots of PTL which increases cost of special skill). By the time you cast Timewarp using fury, your PvP AI (opponent) be stomping you into the ground. While you will still cast barrage, you lose the added damage benefit of casting Timewarp for added damage (37.5% more damage through Timewarp using Cosmic Power set). You do the most damage to opponent in first second of attacking, and would negate the added cosmic power damage. You could try Fury mythic advantage for your AI versus real player since they will wait for your MP to be low but they would figure this out quickly. That tactic might get a few easy wins but players are smart. I did try this plus using 9% Timewarp proc but I did not like result.

You actually do not need a resource mythic for the build I posted in forum. Battles with good barrage build are over in 1-3 seconds depending on opponent.


@Mr_Scooty, question about Ricochet. what im gonna do to make it a Long Range Ricochet?


@Mr_Scooty thanks for this… so the reason why barrage build use alchemy because of the timewarp skill that need MP… in fury you can’t use timewarp directly because you need to spam barrage until you can gain MP to cast Timewarp… thats the only reason am i right?


yeah!!! @Mr_Scooty can you help us about long range Ricochet… thanks!!!



Yes that is correct but you still do not need resource mythic in barrage build.

I have not tested Ricochet + Range craft. I might theory craft one soon.


Thanks Sir… waiting for the result of your test in Reco+ range craft…