All healing

Is all healing legend afix working or not? I try to equip unequip the item with all healing afix and nothings change on the stat page

I dont think it does, i tired a zealotry chest in pvp but didnt notice a difference so either its effect is broken or minimal

Ths game is a big joke, codex not updated, some affix are bug, wrong descrption zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

yes, the codex needs updating. every game has bugs. all software for that matter has bugs… even if you havent found them.

dq is far from a big joke

theres plenty of titles to amuse you if this doesnt.

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play the game, make your own Codex. when done, post your Codex so the rest of the DQ community can benefit from your knowledge. besides, if this game is a joke, it is a very fun joke to play.
I think the stat page will show that you have all healing, but it’s effects would be in game.