All Pick!

Hello Dungeoners! How’s The game and the Arena these days?
I wanna go back playing! I just gonna read some topics here to see whats new.
So that I can choose what character will I’m going to use

Nowadays, there’s​ a lot of cheaters in the arena with modified eternal gear, and they can be a serious trouble for you. Also there’s​ some new and good gear and some new cool affixes. So you can try all classes, they’re​ all good now.
Also read 3.0 patch note. It will be informative for you.

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everybody on div 1 is full tank, so it’s pretty boring

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Welcome back @GAMOS

Your old warrior will work nicely. :smirk:

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Wow welcome back !

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Lmao hahahah lots of annoying tanks in PvP hahaah I need at least 3 draws in some of them.

Also watch out for the immortal build lmao xD

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Regen warrior

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Yah, I really wanna go back playing but got no much time to do it. and I need to create new one haha.
But I heared Wizards are dominating the Current Arena while warriors got som nerfings?? i dunno bout rogues. :wink:

that emoticon

Haha @GAMOS . That emoticon did not mean anything negative. It was the best warrior I have ever faced. Bring him back from the dead!!!

i cant bringb him back som affix got not really missing but not like it used to be

I don’t think any build is dominating arena (Cerebal Vortrex comes close…). It feels like rock (battle tank war), paper (immortal build), scissors (bursty rogue or war) at the top of arena right now but I think everyone on d1 can beat any other AI when played manually just some matches are harder or take longer than others. There is a threshold that builds need to get to to be able to compete though so poorly constructed builds won’t get past division 2. Also there are a lot of cheaters in division two and maybe only 1-2 in d1.

There’s a trio of immortal AIs (Mandelbrot, Scotty, and JWS) that will force you to refine your build to advance to the top 5 and then you will be facing wars and rogues that can do a shit ton of damage.

It’s a fun time. If you get to the top make sure to let us know

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Well, to put it all together in few words about what is going on.

Warriors and Sclap, let’s not forget, a build that has too much tankyness, that’s all you need to know mate.

Yup. I don’t mind the rock, paper, scissors balance but it can get boring and the too much tankiness isn’t exactly a balance either. Arena isn’t bad though but it can get better. It’s a lot better than when it was first implemented but the meta can be a bit better.

What would be cool if there was a survival mode where you had to use the same build vs the top 10 in arena one fight after another. A build that can beat all 10 without losing or changing up gear in between would make it so instead of Rock Paper Scissors you make are forced to make a build that can beat any.

Or better yet the developers pick 10 of the best and most diverse builds per season for us to go against.

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