+ all sets

Hi guys. Is there a cap to sets? Got 7 to adventurer, but when i add a +2 all set ms to my ring, my nadroji level stays at 6, doesnt improve. :confused:

PvE sets cap is 4 (ring and/or Amulet legend affix and/or Elixir Mythstone). This means if you have two Nadroji gears plus 4 sets on ring/amulet then Nadroji would display as Nadroji (6). You can obtain Nadroji (8) but will need Chest, Helmet, Ring and Amulet Nadroji sets plus the Sets at 4 from Elixir and/or legend affix plus sets. Easy way to think about it is in the last scenario i provided, the Sets is +4 (Elixir mythstone and/or sets legend affix) and you have 4 Gears with the same set (Nadroji) therefore it’s 4+4=8. Hopefully that helped.

Mmk. Ty :slight_smile: