Allow for some more graphic options

There are, I’m sure, many players who are using devices that aren’t up to date when it comes to hardware. My phone for example, tends to freeze up completely whenever I run into a bigger crowd on an average level.

I have shadows disabled, and damage numbers off, but the fps is still pretty terrible.

If there were several lower graphics settings, to lower the quality, or reduce effects of fire/poison/etc, that should help me, and probably a ton of other players as well.

Thanks to Shiny Box for creating such an awesome game!

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I agree!

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Ultra low FX ! Half resolution and/or retro mode.

Or just DQ beta like graphics. Low fx is nostalgic but I think the DQ beta looks like lower FX than the current low fx with shadows disabled.

I actually managed to play DQ at 144p mode and it’s interesting. Not playable on my phone S6 since I can’t see the letters but small devices it’s possible. 240p, 360p and 480p mode also. 720p and 1080p and 1440p. Seems all playable.

But I used Game Tuner Samsung app.

But having an option to halve resolution or more in the game without external application could be nice . Ultra low fx aka half resolution or more , no shadows , enemies be not so intensive even in packsize , etc.

Also because reducing lag as much as possible is good for hardcore farming even in low end device. Maybe battery saving mode?

Whatever it takes :smile: to satisfy others.

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We totally agree with this request, but it is not something we can easily implement. You will find several posts on the forum about the challenges we have with the tools used to make DQ.

We don’t have a clean way of turning on or off features in the game. Shadows are a good example of this. When we added them to the game we were able to allow for 5 different levels of shadow quality. Shadows were implemented with that in mind.

When we made the early game effects (things like ability’s, different elemental effects, etc) we didn’t make them in a way where we could tone down their complexity on a effect by effect basis. So when you use “low fx” setting everything is effected instead of individual items.

We know this is an area we could do a much better job and and we will on future titles for sure!

I am working on a wiki post for managing device performance, hopefully it will help you get the most of the game on your device!


Thanks for the explanation!

It’s a friendly dev team like this that makes small games so engaging :D.

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Yep. Its not everyday you get such responsive game developers in games and very good games and genius care for the players.