Allow removal of gear from equipped slots

Just like title says. Often times i want to see base stats without gear but not being able to remove gear limits this opportunity beyond… ohhh level 1.


for now, ive resorted to quartzing a full set of ilvl 1 gear into white items. which brings e back to previous suggestion.



that might not be a good idea. could you imagine the RAGE for some one tinkering with their build, log off, log on, start playing, and realize they took all gear off? your only weapon would be ‘Default’ with no buffs, unless you put points into your Power Stat. sure, you could quickly go to inventory and put your gear back on, but for a moment, the humiliation from the monsters laughing at your pathetic Default Powers might be hard to get over for a few seconds.

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lol. well that would teach you then, wouldnt it

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lol, it’s your thread. :slight_smile:

im not the one saying it could be bad. in fact i have a full set of white gear just for viewing base stats etc when i need to.

in regards to no gear… its kinda funny on floor 1 without any gear (besides ilvl 1 whites) how monsters dont die that fast to a lvl 99 character

Makes you proud that your own build makes you deal damage, not the system simply rewarding you free damage for no reason :blush:

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I understand, I have had a few times where I made blank gear to test something out. but every time I have my good gear off char, I worry about forgetting and selling/converting the items I worked so hard to get, especially if I am busy doing something in game, doing too many things at once, or getting non game stuff. can’t sell something by mistake if it’s on the char.
blank level 1 gear to make me appreciate my sorry builds. :laughing: