Am i the only fool to attempt to enchant new player starter gear?

So i have a rogue that i ascended. Using her as a hireling atm. I enchanted the starter bow with crushing flames and put a crushing blow on all other items. Maxed quality. Added some legendary affixes but… The item is still an epic??? Whats the potential for starter gear? Same as all or am i wasting crystals lol. Just curious.

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well… ive spent a fair bit making gear for low level chars, but its a full out legendary exp gain suit. otherwise, nah. save those crystals for your ilvl 100 gear sets

No. You’re not alone. Some people enchant their level 1 item by putting Quest Mythstone after ascending.

You can buy level 2 legend items on codex, I think this is cheaper


enchanting the starter gear isn’t such a bad idea, they are already at 0% quality. random items could be -x%, which isn’t good. if you are ascending, then when you get a Perk, you already have the cool level 1 gear ready for when you start at level 1 again.
I have 5 more character slots that I plan on ascending, and I plan on Jaspering the low level gear between the classes to save a lot of work.
legend items at level 2 is good also, especially that Adventure hat that has an experience bonus affix.
I am working on making a mostly Mythic set, since all affix values are maxed with the Myth Stones.

level 1 to… 50’ish is over in about 2 minutes, so the gear isnt very important after the first time leveling. well… if you use a team set up that is.

Best socket it and put mythstone exp amnd item drop. Use it till you get to lvl50. Save it for the next ascension

when I decided to start Ascending, I used Legend items for level 2, 40, 100, for the level 1 items, I ended up crafting my starter items with Myth Stones. I am hoping for better performance, and gear that I can Jasper between classes so I only have to craft 1 set of items for all of my characters. my level 40 gear still has some of the original affixes, and the level 100 gear, I have 3 of the original items, but none of the affixes, and the other 3 were replaced with 3 Nadroji items for the bonus.
in the early game, you have limited resources for enchanting anything, and in the middle game, you have more options, but you are still in the learning/farming process. enchanting starter gear is a good learning experience and doesn’t require tons of resources, unless you were farming like crazy and have a lot of resources to burn on your starter gear.
@Slacksimus Legend + items can only be found, even if you put Legend affixes on your gear, the best it will get is Epic, unless you put a Crystal affix, which will make it a Crystal item. but that is a waste of Obsidian for level 1 gear. with crushing flames and crushing blow, you might be able to use the items until you get to level 50, at which point you can switch to your level 100 gear. but I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know for sure.

this seems very misleading. im sure i am misunderstanding you.

but legends can be crafted via codex… legend affixes can be added to much gears

@ObiWanKenobi ok, Legend + items can only be found through loot or bought with dust from the Legendex in the Codex. putting Legend affixes on Normal-Epic items WILL NOT make them Legend items. they may even have the same affixes and sets, and do the same thing the Legend item does, but they are not Legend items. besides, there are Legend affixes that can only be rolled, and some that can only be gotten through loot/Legendex.
sure, it is easier to craft a Legend item, it already has the affixes you want, or most of them, or even 1, but if someone wanted to craft a Flintlock or Hammer with the affixes that are on Golex’s Gauntlet, they can. then they would have Golex’s Hammer or Flintlock. that’s if these weapons couldn’t be Jaspered from the gauntlet in the first place. the item just wouldn’t say Golex’s Weapon in the description of the weapon. but it would feel like it did.

Yea i understand… I was curious and tried… As for 1 to 50 in a few seconds thats not the case for me unfortunately… I use half baked builds and am basicly just hopscotching three toons between ascensions. Im held up on about 700 m3 with main warrior. Other two are very weak buildwise. Dont understand the power of wizard and rogue to break into the thousands. Thanks for the replies.

Never thought of this idea. Thanks.

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@Slacksimus half baked builds. my build at the moment is only using Epic/Legend/Crystal affixes with some Myth stones and one Mythic affix. it still has 6 Quest stones in it, so I will have 6 more slots when I am done Ascending. I am doing well, but it starts to get hard for me at the higher levels (268 is highest so far on M3). I am starting to look at Set affixes and how they can boost up my DPS and other ways to improve my damage and other areas of smashing through high level dungeons. the problem as I see it is there are too many affixes and not enough space for them on my gears and pet. so it is kind of making me look at what Sets are available and crafting a build around it that can take me to those 1k+ dungeons.
and it isn’t just affixes, you have to take into consideration which weapon skills you are using, and which talents. taking a look at the threads for builds can give you some ideas for improvement that others have shared. then you can be held up on 17,000 with your main warrior. :smile: