Amazing chakram!


I created this chakram. Wish it was perfect though. I literally threw my phone on the last roll I was so happy.

Wow that is pretty awesome

Mine is better.


I love the +1 HP. Just what mine needs lol

Does real chakram really return?

If you believe hard enough…
And you throw it hard enough that it ricochets off of a wall.

I think you’d better to find like this one . Just looted Floor 600+ Mythic 3

You must train your fingers to catch them back.


I’m not so sure that gold you got is legit is it?2 billion gold takes a looooooooooooong time.

Nah I can get multi attack on anything and my attack speed is already 80+ without it on my weapon

Sorry to bump this old post but @acydsyns how did you ‘create’ an eternal item? :o

your gold is something how long you play?

Mod.apk from revdl

how can it be? i thought eternal items cant be change their affixes? But its good!

This eternal come with 4 slots for mythstones. You add mythic affix and then you have 3 free affixes to choose on eternal.

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