Ambush Build


Okay so ive hit a dilema and need help with my crushing flames+ frozen rogue build. Its specifically a 100% stealth build, so my OH item is struggling for a fire damage outlet, and rogues have a major problem that they have almost no AoE within their class (unless you use amber)

My first option would be to use MH ice orb with trickster and plenty of AoE.
The second, i use OH procs for the fire damage. Quite unreliable…
The third which is intriguing me, would be an ice blunderbus with multi attack and pierce to freeze them, then ambush to create fire traps to blow up enemies… this is a proc, i know, but its much more regular.

Some things i found about ambush, its only procs upon collision, this can be walls and enemies, but with 100% pierce this is only walls. As these traps are procs, they cannot elementally crit, but they can immolate.

My question is this, to anyone who knows much about traps, will this work with the range of traps to connect, and in general, will this even work?


If I remember correctly doesn’t mirror image via trickster use your OH skill ?


Yes is does, i mentioned it as my first option, but everything cast from a mirror image is a proc, and procs are only ‘shells’ of the main attack, the do not gain extra attack, multi attack, AoE, talents, skills, element crit chance, etc. Only damage.

Im not sure if this is true if you were to cast mirror image yourself but this is what ive found from trickster


Are mirror images classed as a sunmon? If so @TeaCup they gain any critical, hp, regen affixes from the affixes on your main character


I cant prove it but mirror images seem to ve a seperate entity to the player that dont have any collision very similar to summon… Im not sure why you would want any hp/mp affixes on them since, well, theyre untargetable, and copy the players action in the form of a proc, therefore your CD and AS affect them…

As for crit, if its damage it can crit (even crushing blow but its crit damage is increased by 0%)

Elemental crit however can only be activated by what the main character casts, (casts from mirror images cannot elem crit) if its a proc or an active effect (wraith, iceburn, any kind of affix proc) it cannot crit, but can cause regular effects such as slow from ice, electric stacks, immolate from fire, etc. Also im fairly certain reactor cannot elem crit, but abilites cast by the main character and affected by living force can.

Also mirror images do not benefit from multi attack and i dont think extra attack… they dont gain from reactor so i would assume living force is the same and they dont gain from skills (to my knowledge, ive not tested this specifically before, i would try this from wizard+meteor with skill being +40 for multi attack on meteor)


And a note on this build, it was a bust… the traps would work but often i would find them stuck to walls after only 50% pierce… not to mention that by the time that had been laid appropriately, the emenies had been frozen, unfrozen and now on cooldown before they can be re-frozen again…