Is there a limit to how many times Amplify stacks? Also, does a hireling’s DOT count (I dont think so but not sure)? Would it stack with Plagued?

Amplify is such a great talent.

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the max stacks for Amplify is 5, but you need Prismatic Talent or Ascendant Set to get the Arcane Element DoT for the Amplify damage.

the Stacks are from Fire & Poison damage over time, Shock damage buff, Ice slow & damage reduction, and Arcane debuff that you get from Prismatic or Ascendant.

the biggest problem is that all of the Element DoT’s have different durations. Fire is lowest with 2 seconds and Poison with 8 seconds. Shock, Ice, and Arcane DoT’s are 5 seconds (I think Ice might be 3 seconds, but not sure). so the Skill you use can make a difference on having all 5 DoT’s all of the time or averaging 3-4 most of the time. this is why Fester works great with Amplify, the DoT’s last longer, which means having all 5 Element DoT’s at the same time more often.

and yes, Amplify is awesome! 20 is +40% damage for each DoT on an enemy and 40 is +80% damage for each DoT on an enemy.

from the way the Talent is worded, if the Wizard is a single Element, and your Hireling had Prismatic or Ascendant, Amplify should work. but the way I see it, you never know if the Hireling will do things right, so it’s better for the Wizard to be Prismatic/Ascendant with Amplify so you know for sure the enemies you need to get wacked with Amplify are getting the extra damage.

So each element dot has to be different for amplify to work?

if you have a Fire only Build (or Ice, Poison, Shock) with Amplify 20, the first hit does normal damage, and the second hit will do +40% damage… if the 2 second Fire DoT is still on the enemy. if you are continuously hitting an enemy, the first hit is normal damage and all other hits will be +40% damage.

if you had a MH Fire and OH Poison, since Poison DoT lasts 8 seconds, you hit the enemy at least once every 8 seconds while hammering them with the Fire MH. with Amplify 20, as long as there is both Poison & Fire DoT on the enemy, +80% damage. this works for any combination of 2 Element from Poison, Fire, Ice, and Shock.

Prismatic Talent or Ascendant Set are the only way to have 3-5 Element DoT’s on an enemy. I’m not sure if Amplify can work from a Hirelings DoT, like if you have Wizard Main & with Hireling of any Class or any Class Main with Wizard Hireling.

Amplify is the main reason I like making Wizard Elementalist Builds. +40% damage minimum and up to +400% damage with Amplify 40 with Ascendant Set or Prismatic Talent.