An amazing idea for DQ2


Give your hirelings moods. So if they are peeved then your fighting alone alone lol :grinning:


Sounds interesting. So a personality?


Yes. Artificial intelligence :slight_smile:


Can you imagine how revolutionary it would be if you had a rpg game where your hirelings react to your actions and their behaviours change.


I don’t know. could you imagine your Hireling saying ‘hey, I’m doing all the DPS work and you are getting all the loot! I think I deserve a little bling!’ or even worse, in PVP ‘this is the last time you use me as a meat shield!’ or ‘you keep getting me killed, I’m joining the other team’.


SKYNET has taken over


LOL Skynet will DIE😁


Give summons an unpredictability too. You could end up fighting your own summons