An epic idea to jazz up Dungeonquest


Why don’t we have Shrines that Spawn other offline Pvp players as enemies when questing online ? When questing offline the shrines will spawn your own character with a few weeks as an enemy.


That should read tweaks. Lol.


sounds crazy


What about spicing up boss battles or giving certain enemies to have abilities of the boss for slightly more exciting battles. I actually quite liked the DQ bosses but after some time, you completely forget about them. Although at high floor with current affixes, it would be impossible to kill them as the damage cannot go so high as they are immune to elemental crits, possibly ccs and cannot be crushed easily by crushing blow. I don’t know about crushing blow immunity but it’s possible.

The only way you’d kill bosses is by damage. I mean it’s great that we get mini bosses such as legendary enemies and mythic enemies which are essentially more powerful varient of the original 4 DQ bosses honestly but are defeatable by certain methods.

Maybe giving one of the mini boss aka mythic enemy with some boss abilities The ice mythic enemy having the nix gigas abilities but not impossible to beat, the worm mythic enemies to have malium anguish abilities , the alike mythic enemy having some of Limorexes attacks and abilities , and the skeleton mythic enemy to have Ignis’s abilities .

The ones having the bosses abilities but mythic rank and not too hard to defeat should be the Mythic or legend enemies saying Son of Limorex, Malum Anguish, Ignis and Nix Gigas . Mythic enemies I chose since they aren’t as common on high floor hunting. As for farming, well they won’t have as much power in low floor or floor 500-1000.

They wouldn’t be as powerful as the original boss battles at high floors but pose a little more challenge than just being hard to take down. Frozen would probably kill them fast though and crushing flames to some extent so maybe not.

Mythic maps however would be an interesting thing to think about and something to be earned in feats. Even rarer than eternal maps or very hard to get at all but once you get one ,a boss like experience but with a group of enemies. The packs can be something like magic only enemies or rare enemies with a bunch of epic enemies around the map and a chance for legend or mythic enemies with the boss abilities but it won’t be as easy. It would give a massive reward in farming as it’s treated like a legend map for affixes but generally be difficult.

I mean I quite liked Nix Gigas ability with ice, Ignis’s spinning with a big AOE of fire bombs to avoid and the slime splitting into more slimes to fight off. Malum Anguish ability is not really too special but it does summon tornados at will as well as firing bolts.

It’s probably not that good of an idea but it would be cool to think of a better floor experience from time to time. Not often but happens someday. However just having mythic enemies with boss abilities to make them just a little more threatening is something I think could be nice. Even if they get easily defeated, a cooler floor experience in terms of enemy attacks. Frozen ftw and crushing flames would still do recently.

Mythic map is something not really necessary but it could be cool. It could have player boss as A.I with level 100 or some form of floor with harder enemies in general and higher rarity.

Anyway what you think about facing mythic enemies with crushing flames. I mean it would take a lot of hits but the crushing flames can still work . As for frozen, just pure them near enemies and boom with frozen explosion and some crushing blow.

If we did think of an offline player A.I to face at level 100 to code, it would be very hard to happen and I don’t know if it’s worth it. It could be a good fight experience and maybe something to be rare but not impossible. The rewards I don’t know and whether it’s worth it either. Or if we did end up having boss battles with the 4 bosses every 100 floors instead of every 5 floors or something like that , maybe some new affix to guarantee them being dead or crushing blow to work nicely and still be a good fight. Boss battles is like battle arena but for PvE honestly.


Also a possible arcane mythic enemy and/or legendary enemy with the arcane abilities and arcane Orbit randomly (if they have the elemental effect on them). Even an arcane boss battle as well if possible. Anyway I find that arena feels basically like a boss battle but against actual player made A.I whereas boss battle in PvE DQ feels like doing battle arena but against the pve boss enemy. The arcane boss could be like a summoner or even a boss version of the cartographer but with arcane abilities.

I was also thinking about making the boss feat better so there’s a better reason to do the defeat 20 bosses feat (or 15 bosses if you have accomplished perk) other than just 1 random legend. The way the destructible feats was improved by the imp dropping 3 legends instead of just random items and how the potion feat changed to boosts.
Instead of one random legend , maybe a bit more. Also a way to get to the bosses easier rather than having the do floor 200 or whatever and trying to grind like that constantly when instead you can just grind some packsize maps and do well.
I mean maybe for floors under 200, we could have bosses that come after the 5th floor of the challenge map from floor 25, 30, 35, 40, etc as it’s too easy to simply skip bosses after floor 20 to be combined with a more rewarding defeat 20 bosses feat .


That seems fun. Lol. You have a creative mind bro. :scream:


XD Thank you :slight_smile: .


I think bosses are just forgotten on DQ, they definitely need more love cause they are very challenging. An arcane boss is a definitely a big deal tho.


Yeah ikr. I loved the bosses imho but yeah, they are sadly forgotten. An obstacle for new players but then each forgotten. No more purpose for them. Not even a remotely rewarding feat for retrying boss battles.

What if we had a pve version of battle arena where bosses can have certain gear and abilities at a certain level to your level ? It would be crazy but interesting. 30 second math with draws and level 100. Also a reward. The bosses could be procedurally generated with different abilities to match and hopefully recreate the excitement of battle arena in PvE. There probably won’t be leagues or maybe there would be but the bosses to be designed to face your level of build and including maxed out builds.
The bosses could raise in difficulty with the best gear like the player but have more HP. Although idk if we need the 30 second and draw format for boss battle for high reward or as a way to just spend time.

It doesn’t even have to be a floor level difficulty thing to match your level 100 gear by having a certain amount of HP bigger than floor 200 but not impossible to kill with current PvE gear but the boss abilities and behaviour are procedural. It could have many possibilities and for an exciting battle with a possible reward.

These bosses can raise in difficulty each defeat after the 4 of a current level are done . They would be harder than floor 200 bosses the maximum HP they will have can be something like many billion but not too high. A good way to challenge high damage pve builds in that sense without it being too easy . The bosses can also be varied in attacks to force survivability in those situation and the reward for higher difficulty bosses could be more EXP, some crystals, gold, mythstones or some other reward. Something to make it different but add some reward and a potential way to spice up the game.

The bosses can be elemental bosses of course like we have but every battle is slightly different maybe.

Cartographer like boss can be the arcane boss idea with the abilities of the arcane boss I previously mentioned.


All sounds good to me. Another idea is that the PvE or PvP shrines could spawn 3 enemies at once. Now that would be chaos :grin: It could be like Uber Tristram in D2. The reward could be a truly epic item drop to match the almost impossible difficulty of the fight


Maybe an item that is impossible to get in regular gameplay or maybe you could gain a secret skill


Oh my god, I got an idea to spice up DQ. How come we don’t have enemies with rogue skills? We have enemies with warrior and wizard skills but Not rogue?

Although technically those Lair Warriors do act like they have Blinkstrike with their ability .

Maybe some bow enemies possibly (the summoner model of enemy but replace staff with bows) or flintlocks (again replacing the summoner instead of staff, they have flintlock). We will still have every other normal enemy but a small or medium chance to find enemies with rogue abilities (apart from the Lair warrior that acts like rogue as well as warrior).

If we had random boss A.I battles in the boss battle arena against the 4 bosses, they can have any abilities , including rogue abilities and any possible abilities that players use. An offline edition that feels like battle arena. The difference is that you are level 100, hero points work , no time limits , the boss should have up to trillion HP at least for the competitive boss battles in PvE .

My PvE build already deals way more than 10B damage per 0.1 seconds or so thanks to orb and even more so with double strike.

ATM the boss battles are just repeats in floor above 20 up to 200. The bosses are very powerful indeed and have potential to have very interesting battles with randomised skills , HP (Maximum is trillion).

The reason I like those bosses in the boss arena such as Ignis is because of their cool abilities and the potential to have even more abilities , immunity to elemental crits, immunity to crushing blow and to defeat them, you need the right amount of damage dealing.

Floor 200 boss is too easy after you get the right gear as they have at most 100m HP. Also their abilities don’t one shot if you have enough HP which is to be expected and easily dodgable even with high dodge and block or just plain hit and run.

The boss feat is underwhelming as well but what could make that interesting is boss battles up to floor 1500 or even 2000 . Whatever floor that seems to have a maximum HP of 1 Trillion or something.
Also the boss can scale in terms of HP gains as you get higher and higher but their damage also increases.

You can have a build that deals high damage with elemental crits and hit frequency but also a build that does well even if enemies are immune to elemental crits and crushing blow (aka boss). Some mythic enemies are basically bosses but are affected by crushing blow to some degree and a random chance for elemental crits.

The boss feat can give say maybe 3 legends or something rewarding as you defeat bosses up to floor 1000+ or higher. The limit obviously being floor 1500 or so. It doesn’t have to be every 5 floors though but rather every 25 floors which is better manageable . Or 15 floors even. Whatever seems best for fights and even rewards. Not every 5 floors though.

The high floor builds can still crushing flames , still deal high overall damage and single skill damage if it’s frozen build , etc up to floor 1500 or whatever seems to be the best limit. Or maybe instead of 3 legends after 20 or 15 bosses defeated, maybe something huge .

Each boss having random abilities just like how random maps work could be interesting or even a potential arcane boss in the mix.

Bosses could even have random elemental attacks above floor 200 and for some bosses such as Nix Gigas and Ignis , they can have random skill abilities such as orbs , storms , a type of blinkstrike, keeping the spinning Ignis ability , etc.

Worm boss Malum angus is a worm boss so the abilities have to be like the worm uses. He does have a Twister like ability and does shoot bolts but he could also hail upon some explosive on the ground and other potential abilities. Limorex can have some abilities too of course and easily different element.

One thing I noticed is that worms are always shock and you pretty much never find other elemental worms. Maybe we could have elemental worms in skin and bolt attacks . Ogres are probably elemental too. They already are immune to stun, blind and everything other CC , except Freeze and even if different element, similar case scenario but with some slight twists.

In those battles where the bosses can actually be more challenging, stealth, smoke bombs , dodge, block and plain dodging their attacks would be useful as it would on floor hunting.


Well it would certainly make boss fights more interesting lol. You could have ignus with a strafe bow with a furies proc and a skull shield and laying traps


Lol. Oh yeah, bosses that summon. Random chance for a boss to summon minions, use mirror image maybe , traps, possible skullshield, skulldraga , elemental crit of any form but through the ground like we did before so Arcane orbit comes out of ground after the arcane explosive happens. Something like that.

Also , potentially storm skill, twisters, orbs, cosmic orbs, arc, furies , bow sometimes, flintlocks , throwswords, whirlwind (Ignis already does that with his spinning ability) , a form of blinkstrike that lair warriors do , extra bolts sometimes, Haunting explosion to cause fear, random taunt , potentially meteor , shatter , smoke bombs , cerebral Vortex or torrents , a form of knights charge or charge and pretty much any DQ Skill you could add and including mythic skills

As far as damage reduction goes, bosses can have some but that would make them more difficult so the HP requirement can go down to a certain billions of HP instead of 1 Trillion, even though shieldwall doesn’t last forever. Skullshield already reduces damage too but then again, there’s a way. A compromise to Maximum boss HP instead of 1 Trillion to something like half that amount maybe. It won’t guarantee be 1 Trillion anyways as the HP comes random and it depends on the floor.

For floor 200, the boss HP is something like 100M HP which is basically a joke to some builds now. Floor 1000 could be something like 50 billion or something, the HP the mythic enemies have or legend enemies. Floor 1500 could be maximum 1 Trillion HP but also has a random chance to be 900B , 800B to 500B HP and it’s the same for any floor that is very high that HP will be randomised.

Also if we had bosses that are more interesting and harder at higher floors, they must also give a really good reward the harder they are of course. Hybrid PvE builds could defeat bosses and normal floors even without using elemental crit or crushing blow on the boss every 25 floors. My PvE build can definitely screw apart anything even if they had trillion HP without crushing blow. Something that could tremendously boost your farming by giving certain amounts of ultra rare crystals, rare crystals, lots of gold , a boost of some sort, some mythstones , alot of legends like how mythic enemies drop 3 legends , one being eternal and even a potential dust reward. Who knows.

Also PvP battle arena basically reminds me of battling bosses but replace bosses with Players. Players being the harder boss fight lmao.


Yep. An Ignis with bow, furies proc, laying traps and skullshield definitely sounds interesting.

Ignis already does do the whirlwind , fill the ground with fire bombs to dodge easily and random Immolate. I swear he also summoned skeletons actually sometimes so yeah.

Limorex is just a slime that stands but shoots alot and splits into more slimes as he dies. Even though the bosses won’t be effected by elemental crit, the mini slimes and skeletons that come summoned can easily be effected so a Frozen build will still destroy them very nicely and hurt the boss alot or kill it. Could be the same with Minions or Furies (because enemy Fury’s do exist). That means luring skeletons to Ignis or Slimes to Limorex for easy wins which can be OP . Crushing blow and crushing flames also works on the slimes and skeletons that are summoned.

However since Limorex will have more HP, you’d have to beat it away alot more before it gets to the splitting phase and it would take a long time so the Frozen to defeat it isn’t so bad.

Nix Gigas is an interesting one as he summons ice spikes through the ground Straight through you and is somewhat hard for anybody and especially when he will have more HP.

Malum Angus is the massive worm boss that shoots alot of bolt but also sometimes shoots Twister like objects. Although it can be easy to defeat him as you just have to concentrate on the one spot.

These bosses can already be challenging alone with the HP they have if increased but the chance of storm, arcane orbits , having different element altogether , potentially shieldwall forms few seconds and skullshield random chance to be activated. Also skulldraga sometimes. Minions too. There are many abilities but they come randomly and at 2-4 at most added to the current bosses . Not too much more honestly but that depends on what the community feels.

The most challenging bosses out of the 4 are Nix Gigas and Ignis alone though. However the ones that summon enemies will also end up themselves more vulnerable even with skullshield and shieldwall to a good Frozen build. Although they could possibly have smoke bomb or stealth for 1 second to dodge but rare chance.

I think it means it encourages people to make high damage floor climbing frozen builds that also are good against single epic enemies, legend enemies and mythic enemies as well as the Boss battle if they occur high floor instead of just saying crushing flames= done. Obviously dodge and block can be added too, stealth , smoke bombs, high hitting high damage skills, double strike , etc . Demonic will be super effective on the boss when they below 25% HP , momentum with move speed, Angelic, attack speeds, etc.

After the final 4 boss battles at a certain high floor that reaches the limits , crushing flames builds doing high floor climbing ftw lol. This is if the bosses get added to higher floors up to maybe floor 1k or 1500.

People either stay with their crushing flames climb build with the extra build for the bosses only or a PvE build that is both good against bosses and normal enemy types. I doubt you’d need weaken against the bosses though as they don’t state that they are resistant to anything but they possibly are so maybe.

One thing that is different though is that even if bosses were that more challenging, Hirlings would still help alot but if they did, they forever die I think. If you lose, you can try again with no cost. You can surrender if you don’t want to do boss as well.

The bosses get exponentially harder but only at a steady pace the same way the normal enemies grow in HP. Maybe a hint of 25% extra HP but the maximum limit is 1 Trillion or some line which can be achievable to defeat but not too easy.
Floor 300 boss won’t be too much harder than floor 200. Floor 400 won’t be too much harder than 300. And so on.

Edit: ok nvm, some boss do get affected by elemental crits . Ok they’ll be easy or easier even at higher floor if bosses were added to high floor.

It also seems I was wrong about the 100M HP Floor 200 boss. It’s actually closer to 500M or 1B HP.


Oh and if we were to add Arcane enemies, they can only appear on random maps with arcane element background such as fire background with purple , purple desert , anything that’s truly purple usually. Arcane boss is a different matter altogether and maybe they could just be a random map boss based on cartographer.


How do you Quest online other than Battle arena


You don’t. Upload to cloud is online though and it’s extremely useful. Also there used to be bonus Google Play Quests or other equivalents that it online , you get a nice reward such as a boost of 15 mins to 1 hour after completion .

Also advert boost at loading screen for a free 5 minute boost to speed things up but it is randomised . Also paying for things you want but that’s different.


The ad boosts are very welcome though very brief. But in pvp I have had some very nice eternal chest drops from ad boosts :slight_smile: I am more than happy to sit through a video for such nice rewards


Yes. However my problem is I always get the same ad boost for so many months. Even now I get the same old Idle hero’s. I hate those ads. That’s why I skipped them since they won’t change anymore like they used to.

Chartboost needs to change advert and variety will make this less of an issue. I have the issue of constantly having the same advert for months and months on end.