And, and, and.. 😊


Guys can we change equipment skills(like might,blessed)
And if I active skull and change my oh to orb is skull’s affixes gonna be effective? Or only will it deal damage?
And i guess mage’s sword not piercing enemies. I attacked one time and used a skill and did same thing without one autoattack then skill dealed same dmg :confused:
And can I change my pet’s set affix?
And can I get 20 fortune on my mythic item?
And I was read SDS’s explanation so if I equip one SDS when I have +6 all set affix can I will get Temperance bonus?
And how many helper can I summon max?
And :sweat_smile: if I try to change class mine blessed armour to rouge or mage do I will get equipment with random skill?


Yeah, use Citrine.
Set affix on the pet not change
20 fortune have only eternal.
Helper it hirelings ? Only 1.
You cannot equip gear other class.


yes, you can activate skull shield, and it will still be there if you equip an orb. but if you take enough damage, your skull shield gets weaker, so you would have to put skull back on to strengthen it again.
you can take a Set affix off of a non Eternal Pet, but you can not add a Set affix to a pet.
the SDS set nerfs the All Set affix, so to get the SDS bonus, you need to meet the requirements for the bonus by having that many items with the SDS set on them. so 6 SDS items to get the Temperance bonus.
helpers-do you mean minions? 3 is max, unless you have that set that increases the max number of minions you can have.