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Is there any update farming build for main and hireling? I’m currently using a Rogue (main) and Wizard (Hireling). Sadly, my builds are outdated now and there new things I’m seeing. Just trying to get the hang again while waiting for DQ2.

This was my build from before: Explosive Pellets: Rogue Farming Build

Maybe change arcanist+acendant to crushing flame,

is there a specific skill to be used when using crushing flames? also what sets should i use?

You need enough crushing flames items to activate the set bonus then some emmoliate and emmoliate damage.

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Crushing blow affix


And that

you don’t really need the Crushing Flames Set Bonus unless you want Crushing Flames (7 or 8) and the extra Immolation DMG from the Bonus. most players go with CF (5 or 6) and a selection of their favorite Sets to go with CF.

besides Fire Element and some kind of Elemental Crit, you need Crushing Blow also with Crushing Flames. depending on the Build, +30% Crushing Blow minimum up to +60% if needed.

Demonic Set is really good with Crushing Flames. CF gets monster HP down super fast so that Demonic kicks in early in the battle (+20% DMG per Rank when target HP at 25% or lower).

Crushing Flames 7 with Demonic 8 would be kind of funny and OP.

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I see, thank you so much for the tips. Is it possible to incorporate the crushing flames set together with farming sets like eternalized and crystalline? If so and if it’s not too much to ask, can you somehow tweak my current build into something with crushing flames?

I get it also that I need epiphany set on both my main and hireling to reach max luck/gf/items etc right? And with epiphany, is it possible to reach 100% dodge on rogue?


the Farm Build I am using right now has Crystalline & Mythic Sets with Crushing Flames, and it is doing great!

switch Adventurer to Crushing Flames. change the 2x 5k Shock & 1x Deadly Strike to 3x Crushing Blow. Crushing Flames is useless without any Crushing Blow.

because you have limited space, I would suggest switching your Trap to Vial. that way you can make use of Coat Weapon to get Elemental Critical. I don’t know if there are any Vial’s with +100% ED, or if there are any Warrior or Wizard OH with +100% ED that can be Jaspered to Vial. Crushing Flames is useless if you don’t have Immolate. if you really want to keep Trap, then you need to drop an affix somewhere and replace it with 1 Legend Elemental Critical +30%.

Ambush already drops Traps when you fire your Flintlock, so switching Trap to Vial shouldn’t be a problem.

if Coat Weapon doesn’t last long enough, I think you might have to switch Relentless to Veil to make Coat Weapon last longer. Crushing Flames will lower enemy HP faster than Relentless anyways. you only need to do this if you don’t put Legend Elemental Crit on your Gears.

I don’t see any reason to change Ascendent & Arcanist, but if you did, replace one of them with Demonic Set and the other with the Set of your choice. if you keep Ascendent and switch Arcanist for Demonic, good, but if you take out Ascendent also, you need to switch your Element to Fire. Crushing Flames is useless without Fire Element.

the Rogue Build you have doesn’t need Epiphany. the Build does need at least 50% Dodge, so that when you use Stealth, your Dodge is doubled. a Farm Build like the one you are thinking of tweaking doesn’t have room for Epiphany to make a Perma Stealth Farm Build. I think I read somewhere that you need Epiphany 7 to have enough Cool Down to spam Stealth 40 to have 100% Dodge while Stealth is activated. with the range of Ricochet, you are probably clearing the map without really needing to have lots of Dodge. going the Dodge Rout on your build will basically mean a whole new Build, because you have a pretty good set up as it is right now.


Thanks for that, really appreciate it!

I’m actually farming my way to unlock an epiphany ring now. I get it that both the main and hireling needs that to max out farming stats like luck/gf?

I also don’t want to rely on perma stealth anymore. Is 100% dodge without Stealth not possible, even with Epiphany? I also read somewhere that weaken is better than ignore resist so I might change my coat to something that has elem crit so I don’t waste anymore crystals.

For the resource system, is there any other good resource systems aside from fury? I see some here using equality? Can I also have your thoughts on resource systems?

Last for now, since I’ll be using Crushing Flames, I think it’s better to drop explosive affixes now and just go with something like Permafrost + Frozen, which means I’m going to drop Arcanist+Ascendent altogether as well. So with that, I’ll prolly go dual elem with Ice/Fire for Crushing Flames and Permafrost.

Gold Find, Luck, Item Drop Rate, & Experience: while using a Hireling, I didn’t need to put Gold Find on them. only on the Main. but the other three need to be on both Main & Hireling since they get averaged out between the two.

Epiphany: with Epiphany (5), Dodge +60% Cap becomes +75% Cap. with Epiphany (8), Dodge +60% Cap becomes Dodge +84% Cap.

is anyone aware of anything that raises Dodge that isn’t a part of the Dodge Cap? besides Stealth?

Ignore Resist vs. Weaken: Ignore Resist and 90% Crystal Weaken only takes up one space. this post is probably what you read on this subject. although I have read this post before, I just now read it again. basically, Ignore Resist & 90% Crystal Weaken are pretty close, with Weaken being a little better. IR works on every hit whereas Weaken is a % chance to take effect when below 100%. with 2 spaces, you can have +100%+ Weaken on every hit.

in his examples for Weaken, he uses +90% Weaken. if you used +200% Weaken (3 spaces minimum), Base Case = +3x DMG, Resist Case = +2.5x DMG, Greatly Resist Case = +2.25x DMG, Immune Case = +2x DMG, Usual Weakness Case = +3.25x DMG, Usual Weakness & Greatly Resist Case = +2.3125x DMG. if you were using Ignore Resist, all the above would = +1x DMG. I just looked in the Codex, and if you don’t use Challenge Maps with Enemy Immune, then Weaken would be better than Ignore Resist all the time.

the only Resource Systems I have used are Mana (what every one starts with), Equivalence, and Blood Magic. Equality is a Set Affix, but it works great with Equivalence Resource and Harmony Mythic. I finally have a Build idea for trying out Discordance, but I need Crystals again before I can make it.

Blood Magic: your HP becomes your Resource at the cost of double resource to cast spells, so balancing the cost of your spells so you don’t run out of HP while at the same time lowering your HP to make use of doing extra damage with lower HP (200% DMG of missing HP%. not +200%. so if your HP is at 50%, you are doing +100% DMG with Blood Magic)(as of Patch 3.0). you can lower cost +25% with Legend affix or a Myth Stone, or use Wisdom Nature to lower it by +10% each. Cap is +60% Resource Reduction.

I had a build with Blood Magic, Defiant, & Masochism, and it did great, but there were some difficult parts to the build I had to work out.

Equivalence: Reduces DMG taken and Resource Cost 65% of current HP/MP Equality (as of Patch 3.0). so if you have HP/MP 1000/1000 and cast a spell with mana cost 100, your HP & MP becomes 950/950 instead of 1000/900. if you do it right, spell costs stay low, and the DMG Reduction is good for farming on lower floors or PVP Builds.

I just had a thought about using Equivalence with Defiant. I plan on testing this out asap, but if anyone already knows, please share.

Explosive: you are freeing up 4 spaces, so maybe switch 2 of them to Frostbiting and the other two to what you need.

good luck on the Crafting of your Build.

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Errrm there is a set affix that increases dodge and increases damage with dodge. Noticed it today in codex. So read your codex because my memory is crap

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But I recall stealth is required. Now there is a talent I think…

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Thank you for the replies! I really appreciate it so much.

One last question, is Nadroji still a must have in farming builds? Since I’ll be switching to Epiphany ring, I will lose my Nadroji Set. I also plan to use Masochism Necklace for the PTL affix but I get it that Nadroji set isnt rollable thru amethyst?

Nadroji give ur legend drop boost, so better u have it,
Give ur main hireling all set for farming, and ur hireling for dps only… make sure u have max luck and gold find

Aight thanks for that. I think I’ll go Nadroji Amulet then. As for Luck/GF, i need to have those affixes on my hireling as well right?

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Yes, u need to balance it,
Thia topic may help u

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thank you for this, i’ve been trying hard to find such guide. i wonder why i didnt come across that one.

@dickwad you are thinking of Pathfinder. it increases DMG & Reduces DMG taken by 12.5% of your Dodge %. Stealth not required, but since Stealth increases Dodge by x2, that is good since it also reduces DMG by half. Momentum would also be good with Stealth, since Stealth also increases Movement Speed by 20 + 0.5% per Rank.

Insight: Wizard Talent - +0.2% Dodge & Restores +20 MP on Dodge per Rank.
Veil: Rogue Talent - +0.5% Dodge & +40% Coat Weapon duration while Stealthed per Rank.

@Macon Nadroji Chest or Head have the Nadroji Bonus, which is good for farm builds because they increase the chance for Magic & Rare monster spawns, so better loot and more experience, and speed up completion of monster spawning Feats and Loot Feats. @Mr_Scooty has a post about using both Nadroji Bonus for making an Enslaver/Pet Farming Build.

Nadroji Set is good for farm builds as far as better Legend item drops.

Nadroji Ring & Necklace are the easier way to get the +2 All Sets until you get a few Elixor Myth Stones for that instead.

Luck, Item Drop, & Experience need to be on Main & Hireling, as they are averaged between the two. I don’t put Gold Find on my Hireling because I noticed it doesn’t get averaged between Main & Hireling, so I only put it on my Main. at the moment, my Rogue & Warrior Ascending Team is Epic Difficulty, which is + 150% Gold Find, and I have +200% GF from Fortunate Perk, which gives me a total of +350% GF. I have +75% GF on Hireling (1 Greed & 50 Points in Fortune Skill) and +61% GF on Main (11% Normal - Yellow, 50 Points in Fortune Skill), my Gold Find for Drops on Stat Page is +411% GF. 150% + 200% + 61% = 411%.

thank you for this, i’ve been trying hard to find such guide. i wonder why i didnt come across that one.

just takes time to read the Forums. it took me a lot of time to find posts like that one! :nerd:


@Golem I’ve made frosty the snowman a Dodger. I noticed the pathfinder bonus today…, Hmmmmm

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