[Android] Patch - Patch Notes

Client Updates

  • Fix for Cartographer’s becoming invulnerable to certain attacks during Challenge Maps
  • Mana Shield now prevents damage against environment properly
  • Fixed issue with Converting/Salvaging Mythstones and Crystals
  • Fixed issue with Claiming Rewards

ALL RIGHT :slight_smile: Time to get back to challenge maps!

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After a very long time, Untargetable Carto is fixed! Now please fix Zombies when you get the chance. XD

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there is some other thing too… item prefer to MH &OH special skill whem amber to another one. and when use jasper to another class. the special is gone from item description and from button to cast too. it just leave hole button. i though ive report this in beta patch before lol. btw congrat with untargetable carto being fixed. how u manage to found it anyway.?

Zombie is so hard to reproduce. Altough I have at least one equipment for it.

There is a list of priority for bugs. But I am sure, it gets fixed if they have time.

ahh i see, just to add some info about zombie thing. i use gun chakram and dagger and bow on my rogue. they all not leave any zombie. but when i use energy mythic with bow, sometime there is zombie around. havent try 3 other mh with energy mythic tho. but i hope it help lil bit

I’ve noticed that large AoE spells in large enemy groups tend to leave behind a zombie or two. Is it possible it could be a glitch with the multi-target/hit spells killing too many enemies at once, to the point that it fails to register on an enemy or two?

Hello, just encountered another untargettable Cartographer on floor 262 even after updating.

Though I do understand that you might not removed them completely yet, just a heads up. I like this for having active mods and devs. Haha

The untargettable Carto is back. :frowning:

But good news, it seems to only happen when I pull a huge group of creeps and spawn the carto. Gonna run 20 tests and see if this pattern holds up.

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Key requirement for zombies is to have a ton of loot and a ton of enemies all at the same screen estate.