Angelic set and Ricochet

Hello everyone!

I searched all forums for info for Angelic set affix but found no answer.

The question is: which skills work with Angelic and how exactly?
Please share real experience if possible.

From how it’s worded, it should work with Ricochet for example.
I tried to test it and I don’t see any difference in the attack speed.
My problem is that I don’t have enough equipment and experience to test it right.
Maybe someone already used it and knows how it works?
Thanks a lot and please help, it is my first post and I registered specially to clarify this thing…

It should increase APS by 25% on gear so if APS is 2, then it would be 2×1.25= 2.5 APS. The DMG increase by 25% at (5) should be as big as like using Defiant (5), Pathfinder, Relentless, anything that increases DMG by % . It’s not MH% that’s for sure.

It’s like using 25% attack speed but on a set and increasing the APS directly whilst increasing your DMG output by 25%. This applies to skills below 1 second which is a big key here.

Hunger increase attack speed by 37.5% at (5) or ×1.375 to APS so if i have 2 APS, this increases to 2.75 APS.

For skills, APS means how many attacks you could do in 1 second. 2 APS means 2 attacks per second . Well that’s what i believe anyways from testing but not sure. It’s a complicated issue though as some skill from some class work differently .

You will need below 1 CD or 0 CD.
Also this guide should really help you get an idea on APS.

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I understand what it “should” do in the very same way as you said. But the question is not what it should do but what it does.
Unfortunately I can’t see any APS increase when using Ricochet with Angelic vs without it.
Which would mean that DMG increase from Angelic also does not apply.
The stats don’t change anyway, but I know that for some other things like “Skilled” they also don’t change for Ricochet while the affix works.
Can you imagine why Angelic doesn’t boost the APS of Ricochet? Maybe I cannot test it in the right way? I need help from someone who would check it for me.