Another newbie question about spell sword

I keep seeing this spell sword everywhere… how do you get this or know if a weapon has it? I watch youtube video of this guy that apparently has one but I pause it when it shows his weapon and I dont see spell sword anywhere on it.

its available as a set affix on certin legend items(like 4 i think) only above floor 180 u could also get it if u had an amethyst crystal

so i just found one of these and used it… it doesnt seem nearly as powerful and fires really slowly, did it get nerfed or something?

yeah kind of, just try to get attack speed to 40 to 60%
also Max out Dodge it will increase MP,attack ,and something else while using it

Yeah, the aspd of the spellsword already nerfed in 1.7 version, become very slow aspd now, but u can still boost faster with aspd if u really want to use it

Anyway, i recomment u try boomerang with around 50% storm proc, it is better than the spellsword (even before nerf), no talent or skill support is still powerful

How to get storm proc to 50 percent? And boomerang travel so slowly. Am I supposed to max attack speed

yes, try it with periphery it makes chakrams a whole lot better

How to get periphery

Periphery is a set affix. So find an item with it already, or try to add it with a crystal.