Anti-immortal build

Im just reviewing this build… since you assume his pet is hacked then maybe you can look at mine?

Surely its hacked with all that bleed chance and mana sustain? Even has a farming affix to top it off…

Especially since trickster is OP in arena for the AI…

i dunno… your pet doesnt look half as convenient as his.

i cpuldnt say that its hacked😄 my eternal stitch(plague) has a cool affix,

crit. chance
crit damage
MP flat

cool right? hahaha its by luck at all

Clearly yours is a hack. look in the upper right corner. lvl2 bonus… whats that? i dont have…

haha :laughing:

too many convenient affixes, lol

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that may be… but after getting to know TeaCup and chattin daily etc… i would stake my rep on that he isnt cheating or using 3rd party apps to edit stuff.

still… im not so sure his pets as ““convenient”” as the other.