Any body can tell me how to lock weapon?

Idk how to lock my favourite weapon, if you know, comment below gan

What do you mean by lock??

Yaa… Lock just lock

By lock do you mean you can separate selling rare items from legend and up when you sell all?

I do not think there is a lock option hmmm

“Lock” was an old feature we had in the inventory screen many patches ago. Now we automatically “lock” any item that you have euipped.

That way if you choose to sell all items in your inventory it will not sell an item that you had equipped at one time.


Maybe lock weapon just find on old apk? Not latest?

Lmao, you can lock an item these days by A: moving it into a stash Or B: equip it then unequip it, this stops it being auto sold but if you click it and try to slavage/ convert/ sell it, it will be lost unfortunately, you might be able to use undo but likely not.

Just move it into a stash.