Any has a screenshot of merlin's imp and ban's harvest


Does any know where can I get the information for these items? Was planning to create a seven deadly sins set, but haven’t looted these 2 items, which delays my build because I don’t know the properties of their pink and gray affixes.


Ban’s Harvest has:

  • Charity(Gray) - Gain 400% Gold Find when you have at least 6 Seven Deadly Sins equipped
  • Greed(Pink) - Gold Find is reduced by -200%

I haven’t seen the imp yet but, from the wiki

  • Temperance(Gray) - Gain 150% All Healing when you have at least 7 Seven Deadly Sins equipped

thanks a lot for clarifying. so it’s clearly a farming set. think it will fit my build :smiley:

btw does any one know what gluttony description is?

thanks a lot i just looted a ban’s harvest. will need this pet to complete the set :smiley:

Oh nice me i only need the head to complete the set :slight_smile:

i got lots of 7 deadly sins headgear (around 3 i think). just got lucky earlier. i need to tweak the build though.

Ban’s harvest

thanks man. i already completed the set and it somewhat sucks at the moment but still figuring out how to best fit it on my characters thanks.

What is your plan on that set pve or pvp sir?

pve mostly. it seems not viable for pvp. i already have a good pvp set so was planning to have one pve for my warrior (i use mostly rogues). tried it on my wiz but it was a failure.