Any improvements i can do to my build

Here’s my build

Use emerald to increase quality of the item to the fullest (25%) then use peridot to increase level. By then reroll legend and crystal affixes through diamond (as high as possible, remember having max quality and level of an item increases the chance of a perfect roll

Although 100+ diamonds wont cut it but its better than nothing.


Also keep rare crystals such as emerald , peridot, zircon, garnet, ruby, amethyst and obsidian u are going to need them at higher floors
For mythstones: do not waste unless u know what u are doing, abyss, flight, elixir, master, return, Zenith, and time.


+1 to you


I can’t find momentum set by usinq crystal i almost empty my crystal just to find that set

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Yeah sometimes RNG trolls.

But momentum set comes on warrior items and using Amethyst.

If you have wizard item or rogue item, use the Jasper crystal to the item to turn it into warrior item and put Amethyst crystal.

Of course if you’re running out , save up some crystals and even find some legends you may need.

Ok thanks

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You’re welcome :wink: :smile: :blush: .


wat about legend (element) damaqe % ? how to legend that affix ?

Find certain legends. It doesn’t come out of crystals the 100% ED.

Legends that have it:

Cognition Ring, Aether Wrap, Aether Cover , Frightening Choker, Mutiny, Insolence, Frozen Shield, Arcane Blade, Entropic Jewel and Frozen Fate.

Also Seven Deadly Sins but those legends aren’t worth using for any build expect for a full blown 7 deadly sins set build.

Nadroji Robe but that has Nadroji bonus despite the 100% Elemental DMG on it. But that used to be the staple legend for 100% ED before the bonus was added.

Wizard: Cognition Ring, Aether Wrap , Aether Cover , Entropic Jewel.

Warrior: Frozen Fate , Arcane Blade and Frozen Shield.

Rogue: Frightening Choker .

All Classes: Nadroji Robe , Mutiny, Insolence . Also Glinting weapon and Immortal weapon for Crystalline and Eternalized.

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please help for roque build in pvp :pensive::pensive::sob::sob::pray::pray::pray:

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