Any legit summoner build floor 500+

Is there out there build a summoner build can do 500+ floors or just summoner isn’t viable at high floors? Then why the reason they exist if they are weak. Devs should buff summoner and other ones just add numbers here and there not that hard and not take long time. my summoners


This is quite an interesting higher floor summoner build.


I’ve also dragged summoners into pvp eternal 1v1 league. But I’ve fought a better one. Happy days. Summoners shall arise :slight_smile:top tip if your going to climb floors farming then treat summons as additonal damage and enemy distraction. You need main character damage plus summons

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@CuzegSpiked I love that guide. Summons, apocalypse (yeah :slight_smile:) and nova

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Don’t put enigma on a summoner. Instant death

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