Any new update teaser since 3.0?

I’m an old player inactive for quite a long time busy with my PC games same genre PATH OF EXILE, some of you may know me … anyway is there any new teaser update for their upcoming project big update like 4.0 or 3.1 since the last 3.0 ascendancy update?

Nah, we have been grinding on the next game on our end. No major patch announcements for DQ over the past few months!

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@tdaniel are we talking years before dq2 or months. I remember Diablo 2 waiting for patch 1.09 . Was worth it but it was a long time coming

We are doing very limited network tests now to make sure that what we currently have works stably when played with multiple people across multiple types of devices/hardware.

Once that is done and we are comfortable that we have tested our network layer and are confident it can support our game features we move on to the bulk of the content creation.

Right now it isn’t possible for us to say “its going to be ready for beta release on this date” because we just don’t know how long all the content will take to make.

Once we are have enough to show the game off we plan on doing so, we just need to make sure that the first impression we make is a great one.

A mediocre reception to what we have planned for our next game will only hurt our ability to make our plans a reality.

So we will release that info when we feel it is great…not just “good” or “passable”.

Sorry for the long winded non answer but I would rather describe reality, not bank on wishful thinking.


I guess that if you are racing in the Indy 500, speed is important. if you are making a great new game called DQ2, you take the time to do it right, or you end up getting swamped by players sending in thousands of bug reports every day.
@tdaniel there is so much interest in the new game that it must be hard not to rush things. keep up the good work, and we will be waiting for the new game you all have been working so hard on. and that Developer, yes, that one over there, thump them on the head for slowing you all down by taking shortcuts in the coding. :wink:


Fair enough @tdaniel :slight_smile: A slap dash rushed project will be a calamity. Patience is a virtue that we all need to learn.

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