Any news of the new patched?

When is the release of the new patched? Sorry for asking again. :sweat_smile::no_mouth:

Same answer: Soon. April. May if unlucky.


Still waiting a physical device to test a few features on. The new Samsung phones (and the LG G6) use ultra wide screen ratios (18.5:9) so I need to test that we support those devices.

I ordered a S8+ and it has shipped but has not arrived at SBHQ yet.

As soon as I get that it should only take a few hours of testing and then we will submit the patch for release.


Thats awesome i hope it will be released soon heheh also lots of monster boost please hehehe

A new class! A free Weapon vanity and Auras too ! And new Buildable set affixes ! This is a great game after all , compared to other games that I played . More Purchasesalbe in gold in merchant . BUT PLEASE !! DONT NERF THE ORB BUILD :sob::sob:

Just no extra slimes and the likes anymore pleasee :cry: Ive had enough of em. Its painful to grind pets nowadays even without.

I wish we can modify/edit our legend pet just like an ordinary gears/items by using crystal . :cry: .

That’d be very unfair to others hahaa too OP

Just wishing :joy: . coz some rooted phone taking advantage of it. And thats the reason many players got banned :grinning: .

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Ikr! Hahhah

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Someone gave a cheated account and I saw TONs of Crystals and Mythstones and 999999999999 eternal chest and 2b gold that won’t decrease , even if you spent much and 9999 hrs of boost . Unlocked all vanity and slots . WHAT theHELL of Abusing . Do they really need rooted phone?

Dunno im not a cheater, cheating is boring its only fun when you play by the rules! :blush::blush::joy::joy::grin::grin:


Yeah, I played a long time legally , but when I saw the cheated account I felt depressed because , the things I hardly farm was just and easy thingy to that account . They become OP in illegally gaming :japanese_ogre:


im not gonna spoil . someone tell me its 3.0.0 .

Cheating apps require root, these are basiclly CheatEngine’s android version, wont spread well known names tho :stuck_out_tongue:

And thats how it becomes boring, getting easy things wont have as much fun as having to work hard in getting it and actually achieving the goal.
Oh well i guess its different for everyone :joy::joy:

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That will always be true. The reason why I’m still here is because of so many failures, theory crafting , YouTube , chatting a lot , helping others , asking many questions , looking at many builds and making my own unique build that succeeds or fails. I almost quit the game , until I found forums.

What was even cooler is that aftermath guide I made and so much feedback and help and the guide was unique because it wasn’t a full blown build but a simple guide as I didn’t have elixir at those times. My very first post too lol.


That’s boring and cheating is not fair to legit players, such as myself and others.


The fruits of our labor

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