Any News on ios patch 2.0?

as title says. I last heard a few weeks ago its up for approval? does it really take that long?

I heard that the new IOS software update is causing a lot of games to outright stop working, probably a problem on apple’s part, a lot of games have been taken out of the appstore, so maybe that’s why DQ’s approval is taking a while as well. This is just my opinion tho, from things I’ve read and heard.


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thats just sad, not using my android too much , and i bring it just for DQ since i cannot resync back to my iphone.

oh well farm on!

Yep sadly, well good luck Makoy, “kaya mo yan” :smile:


apir! haha

Two weeks already! from what I can see on app release sites, it appears 7 days is standard, but I have been eagerly awaiting the update and feel like it just never shows up. hopefully we’ll have it by the weekend

Ios is coming :smile:

Refia, is it true there will be a new post or blog about future updates this week? Someone in the forums told me this

iOS is out tonight…Apple TV version will be available Friday Morning as a new Apple TV Launch Title!!

Best news I’ve heard all day. Looks like a late night for me!

ios is up yey!!!