Any other OCD haters of diamonds/collectors out there?

I’m gutted it didn’t show as a 5 instead of 5.0 tbh…but I only saw four 4.9/100’s before I finally got the chest perfect rolled, meow the helmet has already eaten at least as many diamonds and I’ve seen three 2x24.9s and two 25/24.9s

TL;DR: I’ve no life.


I play this game the same way :wink:

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After ive completed a build i usually wont look at the item page at all unless i have found a lot of legendary items and that takes a while since i store all me legendarys on another character and keep a paper record of what ledendary items i have at the given time

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I’m so clusterminded and devoted to farming I’ve faked my way through twoish farm builds but have yet to save up enough crystal goodness (without wasting it) to focus on a real build yet…soon though, so long as I can finish my 2.1 ‘adventure’ outfits with enough time before its release

Im like that sometimes : :sweat_smile:

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Finally :smiley: --both helms/chest RIP’d due to a battery dying while playing (faulty plug/thought it was plugged in lol)–remember to upload your save files more than once a month kiddos!

Damn lol