Any suggestions

Hi I’m a newbie and I’m already floor 500+ and I’m lack of damage anyone can help me what to build and I’m using a wizard

Post screenshots of your current build so the right help can be offered. :ok_hand:

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also, if you have a chance, do a Search :mag: for Wizard Builds PVE to see what other players have done. looking at their builds might help you with powering up your Wizard.



A quick look while I have a minute. You need some set affixes (green).

Also, Weaken doesn’t work with Ignore Resist. The simplest fix that can be very helpful with the current build is to remove all Weaken affixes (since they are currently doing nothing) and add something else.

Golem will give the full rundown for you. :ok_hand:


Ok, but what kind of set do I use, iceburn?

what you really need is a Farm Build to get the Rare and Ultra Rare Crystals & Mythstones.

now for the build you have shared…

DJC mentions getting rid of Weaken for Ignore Resist, that means you would also have to get rid of Effective Mythic (it doesn’t work with Ignore Resist either). as a beginner, that might be kind of hard, so it might be better to get rid of Ignore Resist instead, even though Weaken is taking up 4 spaces. on the good side, Weaken with Effective Mythic is giving you some good damage.

where do you have your Stat Points? if you have less than 40 in Power, any +20% Ice is not much damage. if you have over 60 in Power, any +5000 Ice isn’t as good. With Empower, you want at least 70 or more Points in Power for best effect. with Focus and high Power, +20% Ice is lots better than +5000 Ice because of how the damage formula works. I know with Manashield, you want lots of Mana, but better to use affixes for that than Stat Points, maybe 80 in Power and the rest in Mana. only 1 point in Strength, 20 in Intelligence and Dexterity, split the rest 2:2:1 for Blast:Manashield:Fortune. if you are using Twister and Timewarp, just put 5 points into Twister and don’t worry about Timewarp, it’ll give you +50% damage when active. points in Fortune will improve your Gold drops and improve the other Items that drop. not as good as a real Farm Build, but you can work on that later.

take off 4 Epic Freeze, you’ll still have +50%, and that is more than enough. you need the space for other affixes.

since you will now have a few open spaces, put in at least one or two +250 All Resist, one +10 Barrier, and one +10 Infusion. this will make your Manashield a little stronger (harder to take down). on higher floors, enemies can one shot kill you no matter how good your defense, but we’re working on what you have.

replace the Mirror Image Proc with an Epic MP Regen or MP on Hit.

one more +75% Crit Damage, and one +10% Deadly Strike (10% of your Critical Hits will do double Critical Damage).

this is just short term fixes. for now, this will give you time to get better Items and more Gold for when you are ready to make a better Build. Take a look in the Codex > Dictionary > Affixes, Sets.

one big change that will really help is making a new Robe with Skilled Mythic instead of Sureshot. Shureshot only works against an enemy with full health, so only once per enemy, usually. Skilled will give your Blast +50% damage on every hit until the enemy is dead…

this doesn’t give you Set Affixes (the green ones) but will help until you are ready to change to better Items… I would suggest buying maps while on floor 500 and just stay there, or drop to a lower floor if you think you are dying too much.

this is actually a pretty good build for lower floors, and the fact you’re up to 500 shows you have done a good job so far. your next build should be a Farm Build with max Luck & Gold Find, and Item Drop if you can fit it in. Fortune Skill, Luck & Greed Natures can help with this, depending on how you Craft your Items. a Farm Build will help Rare, Epic, and Legend Items to drop more often, the same for Crystals & Mythstones. while on floor 500, the lowest 5 Crystals & Mythstones wont drop while the higher Tier ones will drop a little more often. this will also give you time to read the Codex and do any Searches to make a Build that can Climb to floor 1000 or higher.

sorry that this is a lot, but I hope it helps a little. Permafrost is a good set for Ice builds. Iceburn lets Manashield do Ice Damage in an AoE similar to Warrior’s Wrath Talent, but only while Manashield is active.

last, don’t worry about Set Affixes until your next build, as you will need +4 All Sets to power up your Set Affixes (read the Codex > Dictionary > Affixes > All Sets, or Dictionary > Mythstones)


I have a farm build does satyrs
spirit do?

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if you are happy with the Gold and other Treasure it gives you, then it should do. if you feel like you can make it better at a later time, go for it.

I’ve made 4 or 5 different Farm Builds as I learn more about DQ and consider what I want from my Farm Build. I’m working on Crafting my first serious Farm Main & Hireling Team. I have the Main and am working on the Hireling. I might have to make a better Team at a later date depending on how this first Farm Team I make works out.

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