Any tips for my current build? currently at floor 375+

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Demonic is kinda uselles without crushing flames or crushing blow. Inferno works only with/for fire I suggest to use discordance mythic with twister. At higher floors manashield will be ineshoted even if you have 10 mil mana so use dodge or block or both (block is better dodge unless you are using pathfinder) put crystal CC and CD I also suggest you try to put Frozen set on your build and change your element to cold as otherwise Frozen is uselles

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How did u get (5) eternal skill in your build {Sorry newbie here)

+4 all sets

is there a way to apply dodge/block to manashield?

Block can only be rolled on OH while dodge can be rolled on anything. As far as I know dodge and block don’t work on manashield

Block affix can be found also on some warrior items like permafrost ring, indras boon armor, on hammer and helm.

@anon23573700 I mean that you can’t roll it via crystals

yeah, only on OH items.